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Monday, March 19, 2012

Okay wow look at how much i've changed. HAHAHAH this blog is embarassing but i have no intention of deleting it cause it actually stores so much stupid embarassing memories. But still, it's memories!!!! Look at how much i've grown and changed. It been two years and i'm finally updating my blog again :') but i won't be coming here often. Oh wow. And it's no longer fernaldo. No longer hanna fernaldo. I rather go with my new name. Hi i'm Nur Hanna Sukaimi and this blog is really embarassing. Okay goodnight! There's dance tomorrow!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hello. Okay, i'm here, blogging again. It's been awhile though. I've abandone blogger and move on to Tumblr. Well, Facebook sucks. To me though. And i'm back to Johnson! LOL, Fernaldo have to much bad memmories. So later on, Mr azwanndi's getting married. Awesome, teacher with geek specs finally getting married. Anyway, my life have been going okay this December except for some tiny bits of drama. Well, i couldnt say anything more. Never thought it will attract this much attention. I was shocked myself. Let's not talk about this. Listen to BEAST and stay calm. LMFAO.

I'm not celebrating christmas but i'm rather excited? HAHAHAHAHA. Well, it's 2.30am need. Going off to bed. OH FUCK NO, it's still early. Miley Cyrus was caught taking Salvia. Sound more like saliva right? LOL. She's 18. In to legal age but damn, little kids look up to her. WOW, a new lindsay i presume? Don't get me wrong, i USED to love Miley but now, look at her. Being a star have every advantage and disadvantage. You choosed to be star, you choosed behave like a good old bitch.

Peace out girls scout.

Monday, December 6, 2010
@ 4:05 AM


okay, basically, it was a blast. Should i tell you from A to Z? Since I'm still excited, I WILL. Please read the following. Well, i hope you will. You'll have "woahh" in your mind. Haahahah literally. Loads of a "must to remember" moments.

Okay, firstly, went to meet up with Enna. Well, we kind of had a problem. So we were stucked at city hall for 2 fucking hours. nice bitch. Then, at around 11pm, we reached marina bay sands since there is where the conccert being held. When we reached there, there was a group of people gathering. 2pm, 2am, Miss A and mblaq's hotel was just opposite us Enna's friend saw Jinwoon wandering around BODYGUARD-LESS. OH YEAH. So we made new friends, presenting, Wai Yee, Natalie and Pearlyn. Cool! :D They are WONDERFUL PEOPLE. So we went to the stars hotel. It was grand as fuck. But we couldnt go up since it was LOCK. so whatever, went to queued. Made another bunch of friend. Wonderful people again. :D

So at around 3am, we were literally doing 2.4 km run xD We were running across the mall, running here and there non-stop. Crazy bunch of fangirls xD around 4am, the "queue" was settled. We knew it wasnt the official queue but we decided to keep our mouth shut. HAHAHAHAH. But sooner or later, people found of. So it went hectic again around 5am. AGAIN, the running start... BUT, this time it was more painful and torturing. I stick to my 4 girl all the while. Plus, natalie's auntie. So we were 5. But this time, around 6, pushing and shoving began. I couldnt breath. The auto door of marina bay sands were JAMMED. Police payed a visit. We were stubborn people. Well, singapore should know. So, at around 6.30am The pushing got worst. I almost feel while running and my hand was stick to my girls, but enna went eelsewhere and pearlyn, waiyee and Natalie was separated from me. WTF SKDNDND. Okay, so i was pushed and shoved like fuck. Well i did went in fortunately. Well let's be open minded. My whole body and mostly my boobs were at risk. GOSH THE PUSHING WAS MAD. I almost dislocated my arms. LITERALLY. So i went in and got my yellow tag and.... I MET UP WITH ALL MY GIRLS! Enna was yellow tag to... LUCKILY.

So we went to the food court that cost us LOADS. Like 7 buckss for rice and some gravy. WHATTTTT?! But it was nice.. and we all fell asleep the shop for like an hour till i got leg cramp. WTF. Before we knew, people was queing up alread... ZOMG. We went, luckily, we werent that late. THANK GOD!

We were in the venue already. I layed my bag and SLEPT FOR LIKE AN HOUR AND A HALF. but still, lack of sleep. Need some power nap xD And when i went to toilet, the queue was MAD. hHAAHAH one of the security guard mentioned "wah, the queue so long as if like the star is in the toilet like that" LMFAO! And you know what? Some girls rushed in to the boys toilet and got chased out the toilet by the security. LMFAO. HAHAHAHAH. And time flies. bought 2am ballon and... the concert begin.

We had to go through bag check and shit, so enna asked me to surrender my cam corder and i did. So went in and BOY WE WERE NEAR. The concert kicks off at 6pm with MBLAQ AT THE STAGE. awesome

First off, the boys came off with the song "OH YEAH" and i was litereally screaming my lungs out mannn! The dance was HOT. And next song, was "Y"! Fav songs by the boys. So we screamed again and the boys prepared solo act for us. First of, was a song by G.O, LeeJoon and Seungho. Then, Mir came of doing a solo super hot rap :D He came smack right infront of my facce and rap. I WAS DROOLING. Next was Lee Joon's ballad dance. I didnt knew Lee Joon did ballad at all. ZOMG SMEXYYYY! Next was our cutey pie CHEONDUNG. He sang and emotional song and he was a few inches from me where he did a solo song kneeling down and signing. So young yet so fine. Yeah baby. LOLOLOLOL. Next was G.O solo song. He was so hot and hit all those high notes. And Seungho was the last solo act. He did a song and a small cut from the song "touch me" and i was like singing along! xD HOT DANCE. Leader could dance well huh? and lastly, mblaq gather and said that the next song. What you want. Afterwards, they told us that, next would be their last song for the night.. I was like "AHHHHHHH NOOOO!"LOL, and, it was... ONE BETTER DAY. That song, i've been dying to see it live. FInally.....
LOOKS: Cheondung had blonde yellow-ish hair. He looks so much alike like Sandara. Seungho hair was kind of Yellow-ish white and had black highlights. LeeJoon was hotter then ever. His hair was staright down to earth. His arms was...... H.O.T. Mir, our cute rapper. Have the looks of hongki and acting cute the WHOLE ENTIRE TIME. G.O, boy did i underestimate him. I've never seen the hot side of his... but this time... I DID...

Next was our beautiful, sexy girls, MISS A! Suzy was absent at that moment cause she had conflicting schedule at the moment. It was sad but.. Miss A was doing just fine... They came off with the song BREATH and stand right infront of us! The also did a cover of Poker face by lady gaga! Miss A fei perform with Jia (OR WAS SHE ALONE?) sorry, i'm suffering from shirt term memory..... They showed us a video of suzy, apologising for not attending and she promised to come the very next time. And last song was Bad Girl, Good Girl. Min came smack right infront of me and danced. I ALMOST DIED. She's hot, short and petite in real life. STILL, she's awesome dancer. To tell you the truth, i've never seen the hot side of Jia in real life before... But this time... I DID. She stinking hot. OMFG. AHHHHHH.
LOOKS: Okay, Min have her shoulder length black hair, Jia got rid of her pink hair and dyed it blonde and fei, her long brown hair. MAN THOSE GIRLS ARE AWESOME. I seriously love their performance hell lots. Awesome night.

Next was out LOVELY 2am boys! I seriously have forgotten what songs they've perform but i remember they performed I did wrong, Even if i die, i can't let you go, like crazy and you wouldnt answer my call. Thats all from what i remember. They DID somemore perf but i can't really remember xD SORRY. Well, the best part is YET to come. Well, Jokwon, Jinwoon, Seulong and changmin was each holding to the bear that they have serenade it. Jinwoon was hugging tightly to it and JOKWON KISSED THE BEAR. So they threw it RANDOMLY in the crowd. BUT nah, i didnt got it. STILL, ZOMG, hotness yooo. They were right smack infront of out face and GUESS WHAT?! hahahahahaha, ENNA WAS ASKING ME TO LET GO OF MY BALLON, BUT IT WONT BUDGE SINCE I TIED IT TO MY BAG. SO, I USED MY TEETH TO MAKE THE STRING BUDGE AND IT DID. I SMACK THE BALLON AND THE HELIUM WAS KIND OFF WEAR OFF SO... I PUSHED THE BALLON WITH MY HAND AND GUESS WHAT?! IT WAS RIGHT BEIND JINWOON OPPA YO!!!!!! HE TURNED AND WAS SHOCKED WHEN HE SAW THE BALLON, THEN HE TOOK IT (the exact same place where i bite the string) AND HE RAN AROUND WITH MY BALLON! ZOMGGGGG! Hahahahha so fucking excited man I! I was screaming like mad when he did that!!!!!!!!!
LOOKS: They were all wearing white suit and they look hottttt! Well, if you see the performance at music bank, inki, etc. you'll know how they look. They look the same but.... HOT. lol. AND YES, THEY LOOK HOTTER IN PERSON. TRUST ME, YOU COULD JUST DIE.

It's my 3rd time seeing them now... FINALLY I GET TO MEET THEM AGAIN. OHMYGOSHHH. They came off with performing SPECIALLLLLL! I WAS LIKE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Lol, they were my first bias group so you could imagine how crazy in hell did i went! HAHAHAHAH. Well, i couldnt remember what song they perform in ORDER, but i can tell you all the song that they perform. SPECIAL, MYSTERY, YET, CLENCHING A TIGHT FIST, BAD GIRL, OASIS, BEAUTIFUL, SHOCK. My dream have always been to see them perform YET and OASIS live and finally i got it. During oasis, there was lyrics on the screen and BEAST dedicated to us. I was CLOSE TO TEARS. ahhhhhh. Yet was also my fav. It was supposed to be banned song but WHATEVER. HAHAHHAHHA. It was cute when the "shit" part they all put their finger on the lips and said "Oh SHHH..." HAHAHAHAHAHAH. And doojoon was looking at me a rolled his eyes HOTLY since he was doing a serious song. YOU KNOW WHAT I DO? When i looked at me the 2nd time, i rolled my eyes and looked towrds dongwoon. BITCH. Im a bitch. BUT LOLOLOLOLOL. And once, Yoseob sat at the stage right infront of me and enna singing. Beast was all going back when yoseob was the only one sitting there! LOL, Doojoon have to run a called him while laughing. SO CUTEEEE! AHHH well beautiful was... omfg. WE ARE THE FIRST SINGAPOREANS TO SEE BEAUTIFUL LIVE IN SG! HAHAHHAHA and yes, it was cute and awesome. They performed 8 songs in total. BEST.GROUP.THERE.
LOOK: Dongwoon brown-ish, gold-ish hair. ZOMG HOT. He was wearing this coat. I dont know how to explain it. xD But i know beast dress code was YELLOW AND BLACK. HOT COLOUR. Junhyung was all black with his HOT CURLY HAIR. KIKWANG, he never fails to make me meltttttt. Doojoon, hot leader. I love his hair. His fringe was up this time. Yoseob, our cute visual maknae. HAHAHHAHAAH. He had his normal black hair. His hair was like BEAUTIFUL MV. SO CUTEEEE. Hyunseung, out hot dancer. He looks the same like beautiful mv too. He was wearing this yellow coat :D OH YA, lastly, when beast exited the stage, hyunseung lastly said "I LOVE YOU" and went off. LOL. ahhh missing those boys.

our last band for the night!!!!!! This six boys are awesome. They were considered the star for the night! The perform a total of 12 songs if i wasnt wrong. LOL. They perform various song like, I'll be back, Without You, Heartbeat, Again & Again, 10 out of 10, I can't, Angle and freaking loads more. They perform the most songs and they were the only group who had closet change at the moment. I totally love it when during I'll be back, we fans just raise up our thumb, during without you, we show the "OKAY" sign and when 10 out or 10, we showed of "10" sign. LOL. ITS super fun and awesome yoooooo! And during angel, oh my gosh the boys came infront and hand out roses and lollipops. BUT sadly i didn't get it. :( The boys was wearing wings. OH MY GOSH HOT OR WHAT. The whole 2pm came infront of us and nickhun sooo hot. LOL veins was popping out mannnnnnnnn! And when they were singing I Can't, Taek randomly took a girls and and KISSED IT!!!!!!!! Lucky girl!! I don't think she'll EVER WASH HER HAND! HAHAHAHAAHAH. Had eye contact. HAHAHAA. OKay so, i was busy jumping like crazy like one idiot.

overall, it was an awesome 4hour concert at marina bay sands. this is cool. okay i need to stop now. PEACE OUT YOOOOOOOO.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010
UKISS CONCERT and a lil about my lovely friends. @ 3:44 AM

WASSABI! okay, i want to buy some sushi dude. SOOOOOOO. i just remember, i havent tell you guys anything about my trip to the.... UKISS KINGS OF FREEDOM CONCERT! So, me and Enna manage to get our hands on VVIP tickets thanks to ninie whom gave us the Monster vs Villains ticket. Me and Enna was the 2nd group to enter the venue. Well, I was the 5th person to be exact whom entered the BIG BIG venue. WELL OBVIOUSLY, FRONT ROW AND THE PERFECT VIEW! AHHH STOKE! sorry, i'm currently in the crazy-fangirl-mood now. lmfao. GUESS WHAT?! When UKISS was on the stage, the host told them that me and Enna came at 5am to queue for them! and UKISS turn to us smiling and waving!!!!! Well, let me just say this, we got LOTS LOTS LOTS, of fan service from the boys especially, Eli and Dongho! they were to most. And so it was AWE-SOME. so i guess thats enough of SPAZZING. LOL. so, the previous night before the concert, i crashed at enna's crib. DUDE CAN'T SLEEP. lol, not gonna state here why xD Well, i just wanna say, it's fun having Enna around. This crazy kpop girlfriend of mine. WE SHALL MEET SOON. not for a event, but just to hang out. Girls time :D AND AFTER SO LONG, i finally manage to meet Dian!!!!!!!! I MISS HER SO MUCH! when i met her, straight away irritate the crap out of her!

And today, i meant yesterday which is the 23rd, went out to Lot 1 with EEQAH OH. My girl. I love her dude. Had a blast and we saw one of my teacher. LOL. We went around talking and stuff. AWESOME. So, i kind of miss Micky, Faiqah and Durga now. :( awhhh, suck. Gonna meet Micky and Durga on thrus for a 2nd class outing. WEHOO. Stoked. But faiqah, when are we gonna meet? :( don't tell me next year :'( SO SAD :(

NOT FORGETTING TO MENTION SHERMAN. lmfao, that hilarious dude. NEED TO MEET HIM ASAP. Well, he's my crazy joker bestfriend. Yes, its fun GOSSIPING and joking with him. And man, i want to play his Xbox 360. I WANT TO PLAY BLACK OPS YO. it's the coolest living shit now man! hahaaha. and also, my NEVER BEFORE meet bestfriend, Raphael. LOL, crazy ass dude. But understandable and funny. LOL, when are we gonna meet? NEVER. rofl.

So yes, i'm typing in caps at 4am in the morning. I'm not crazy, but just hype up? Well there will be MULA concert. I'm finding for a ticket now. Any ideas how? I guess thats it? tomorrow i MIGHT be heading down to eeqah's crib. well let's just see what time am i gonna wake up tomorrow. LOL. okay thats it then. peace.

Thursday, November 18, 2010
I'll be gone. @ 3:29 AM

i won't be on my laptop for two days. later and friday. i'll be off to the airport early to fetch the UKISS boys and i'll be crashing at Enna's crib. On friday, i'll be off to bedok for a UKISS event till 10pm. when i come home, i'll probably be worn out. i'll try to update with my iphone. i'm gonna miss blogger for a moment. Well maybe.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
class outing @ 3:06 PM

WASSSUUUUPPPPPPPP. so im updating my blog since i'm bored. errm. so yesterday was class outing. it was a FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN day man. i think we saw someone shitting on the water at around 9pm. OR WAS IT A GHOST SQUATING DOWN ON THE WATER WHILE PULLING THEIR SHORTS DOWN??? O.o cause before that, kenny and micky was like sotry telling about ghost. LOL. and we went near the water and i was like "SHIT! WHY IS THAT PERSON GOING IN THE WATER AT NIGHT? ITS GOING IN! AND SQUATING DOWN!" some girls from my class started screaming and when micky went nearer she said "that dude was shitting. when i came nearer he pulled his shorts up." we was like O.O okay wtf, let's go. we stayed there with my teacher till 10.50pm. and durga dad came with the bus to send us to school. OKAY WTH MAN, i was so SCARED TO GO HOME ALONE. that is unlike me. WTFFFF. and came home, got the news about the bukit panjang slashing. DUDEEEEE WAS I SHOCK. that's near my school. NOT COOL. i guess i wont be going to bukit panjang this pass few days. its freaking me out. attacking bystander and innocent people is the silliest thing ever. just saying.

peace out girls scout.

Monday, November 1, 2010
happy halloween. let's go scare some grannies. @ 1:36 AM

happy halloween. oh shit. i'm late. so happy belated halloween? wait, does that even make sense?? anyways, i dont usually blog but... when i'm bored and i have NOTHING to do, i'll end up here. at blogger dot com. :) so holidays have started but, nothing much have happen. i got my funky hair and ready to party but hell. i'm still a young kid. i'm just kidding. i'm not interested in all this partying and getting drunk till i can't sober up for hours thing. lol. so what have you lovely readers been doing for this fine holiday? i'm a loner so i'm stuck at home. well, not really actually... Well, i plan to become a vegetarian. oh wait, i'm too skinny already. well, i need to grow some fats :) i've been spending to much time with my husband now.. well, i'm not literally married. its just that, i treat my Iphone as my husband... LOL, i bet i'm not the only one right?

till here pumpkins. i'm just using 'pumpkins' for today since it's HALLOWEEN. haha get it? NO? okay lol, nevermind...




Saturday, October 30, 2010
@ 2:51 AM


you think you know me.

Hey, I'm Hanna
Music is my everything.
I express myself here most of the time.
this is my blog, so don't bitch about it.
kpop is my pure obsession
i plan on travel the world once
and dance during a heavy downpour.

kpop is me.

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