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Thursday, May 28, 2009
PTC ? Rabak uhh @ 9:57 PM

-No Picture-

Lame ass . That bastard behind me is a freak ass ! That pathetic brother of mine . He kept on saying to my mum that 'you see uh ! This girl ! She kena influence by her friend already . ALL of her friends like gangster-gangster !' In my heart wa like 'Eyh plabuto ! Gy jilat puki pompan uhh sial ! Kaw tawu per tentang kawan-kawan akuw sumer ? Taq kan ? Soo shut you fxcking mouth uh cheebye . Taq de buto per naq ckp mepek2 tentang kwn akuw yg kaw taq kenal uh ? PATHETIC SIAKK !' Sorry people . I know . Many words are cencorsed . Just soo fxck up but his damn attitude . Tryin' to act nice infront of my parents . But behind them , mcm sial ! ASS , i'm done typin' bout you .

Today PTC was like a NIGHTMARE ! Mum told EVRYTHING to my teacher . Including about the stupid lighter incident . Skarang Eekah pun termasok ! Kalakar per nie uh ? Anw , i apologise PROFUSELY to Eekah . Hope tomorrow goes well for you . Well , after PTC , Eekah , Apit , Fadli and Khairul was sitting at the concourse . Near the piano place there . (do you know how DIFFICULT is it just to make the 3 boys salam my mum ? Especially Khairul ...) Mum went to settle the school fees . As soon as Mum went off , i complain to them EVERYTHING ! When Eekah and Apit check my report book they was sayin 'kan kan kan ... Ckp pasal Farhan lagy . Skarang kaw byk U grade' Aftr that , Apit and Kahirul said that MAYBE i'll be joining thier class next year ! I DONT WANT TO ! I wanna stay at NA ! And they said best taw NT . Sure lafy banyak case lagy . Gerek oi ! My face was blank ... Well Khairul said to me 'kaw naq ckp bohong pat cigku pun taq pass' then , i said 'kaw ingat tuu senang sgt per ? Org nervous naq mampos abeyh naq ckp pun gagap ! Kaw next time anuh kan akuw script uh ! and he said ' abeyh taq mintak siang2 ..' Takper2 . laen kali akuw mintak kaw . Anw , after tht went lot 1 with Mum . As soon as i and Mum stepped outside school , i nagged at mum all the way till Lot 1 . Mum just gave me the 'u are soo annoying face' and looked away . Good news id that , manage to persuade mum to buy for Suaidah belated bdae present . (: If you wanna know bout the whole conference durin' PTC , ask me personally .

Today , line kena CUT ! Mixed feelings now . Sad and Happy . Well the good thing is that Dad bought pre-paid for me already ! YAY ! Tomorrow , i'll give out my new number . But as long as i HAVE NOT given out my new number , i am still using my OLD number . I can only reacieve incoming calls and sms but without replying it . Soo till here uhh people .



you think you know me.

Hey, I'm Hanna
Music is my everything.
I express myself here most of the time.
this is my blog, so don't bitch about it.
kpop is my pure obsession
i plan on travel the world once
and dance during a heavy downpour.

kpop is me.

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