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Sunday, July 12, 2009
stufff . @ 6:51 PM

okay people . My head HURTS like fuck . Headache non-stop . Anw , today went to religious class . It was okay ... Found out some shocking news . One of the news , it's personal but another one is , I FLUNK MY RELIGIOUS CLASS EXAM . What the hell siaa . I failed by 8 friggin marks only . Lucky i WASNT the lowest . If not , i dont know siaa what to sayy . I cant believe it sia ... How can i fail ? I studied like one ass and this is what i get . Aiyoooooooo ,

Well , after relgious class , there were this group of boys banging a vending machine . Guess what ? LOADS of coins came out siaa ! They keep on doing it till i dont know when . Soo boarded the buss . While i wanted to get off the bus , something strange happen . The door which i was supposed to get off didnt open . Soo , i pressed the bell . Then the driver press something to open the door but the door like stucked like that . I was like 'What the fuck!?' Even how many time he tried , the door wouldnt open . Only the entrance door is opened . Stand there for like 5 friggin minutes ALONE . That was EMBARASSING ! In the end , he asked me to alight at the entrance door . Soo , i did . People were staring ...

Brother is seriously sick today . When i reached home , i yelled 'Assalamualaikum ! Eyh abang ! Open the door laa !' Then he mumbeled something . But didnt hear what . I yell again 'Eyh ! OPEN THE DOOR LAA ! ALAMAK !' This time he come shouting saying 'Nahh ! (he handed me the key) Open yourself laa ! I have fver uh ...' In my mind was 'Ny mesti bedek . Naq step demam jer .' I was expecting him to be playing computer games but he WASNT . He was asleep . Then when i see his face , gawd , he's REALLY sick ! He got a totally high temperature siaa ! Now i believe ... He wont be attending school tomorrow . As for me , IF i never kena his fever , then i'll attend school . If i kena , then too bad , needa skip . Now ,

May all your wishes come true :D

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