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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pictures will be uploaded soon .

I know ! It's been SOOO LONG since i update my blog . Read everything i post today kay ? Starting from Saturday :D:D

Saturday 03-10-09
Jalan RAYA ! The poeple followed was , Eekah , Izati , Isyam , Apple , Amir , Nurul , Yat , Elly , Nadzirah , Apit , Haszali , Ajib , Acap , Azmie , Shah , Farhan and Me . Uhh , sorry if i left out anyone . If i did . So , met them all at Cck CC there around 1pm . First house Isyam . Then , Kak Apple house . Wah , kecoh gyler uh ! Kak apple's dad asked some of us to Karaoke . Some peeps did while i and Izati surf through our phone and try to called every SINGLE one of people in out phone to go to their house . Some engage la and stuff like that . For the sake of money la ... Jk . Then Yat's house i think . That's where Pics are taken . Then took bus and off to Yishun to Kak Nora's house . Then took taxi to Izati'Kenet's house . It was Izati's mum birthday on that day too . Cool right ? And off to Nurul's house . Luckily , have Kude Kepang ! Watched for awhile .. And elly was crying wherever we go . Cause of some stuff .. Cheer up babe . Off to Nurul's house . Then Shah's house . His house , was full off people . And then to my house . Took taxi there . Went home , only , Izati , Elly , Nurul , Nadz and me took taxi to Eekah's house . Wahhh , the Taxi driver GEREK ! Like F1 eh he drive ! Sampai some peeps terbaring ! Eekah's house having Mood Swing gyler babi punyer babi . Then off to Acap's house . The time was around 11.45pm when we reached acap's house . Sat there till 12.05am . Ajib , muker dh mcm nak pengsan dh .. To tired uh . That's our last house . Then most peeps when home But , me , Nurul , Izati , Eekah , Elly , Amir , Yat , Isyam , Apit and Shah lepak . Nurul and Amir went home at 1am . Yat , Apit and Shah went home at 1.30am . While me , Eekah , Izati , Isyam and Elly went home at 3.00am . Slacked at the pondok then went to Fajar Mc and slack . Met Pino afterwards . Then took taxi and reeached home 3++am .

Sunday 04-10-09
Skipped Madrasah since i was TOOO effing tired and my Dad told me that we're going Jalan Raya then End up not ... Soo eekah asked me to go to her house so i went . Isyam followed too . The parents was soooooo kind to ordered Pizza . Baek uh ! :D While at her house mabok gyler like wanna get fever . Went home at 10.35pm like that . reached home 11pm exact . Tired .

Monday 05-10-09
I knew it . I was gonna get a fever .Home Econ , Didnt even bring any recipe . Cooked Fried Rice . PE time, DH MABOK ! I went to Sickbay at the last 2 periods . Headache cnnt tahan ! Then skipped ACT straight away went home . Reached home check temp 38.4 degress ... Baek pe ? Then Eekah , Yat , Isyam , Amir came . After a while , Izati and Shah came . Then ina came . Then at 5.45pm , all caio and went jalan raya . One house only ... Reached home abot 8pm . At 8.15pm slept like a pig till the next morning , 10.30am . Straight . Skipped school . Slept early due to my STUPID migrane . Head like wanna explode .

Today 06-10-09
Did NOTHING ! Stayed home the whole day since i'm sick . Now decrease uh . Maybe i'm attending school tomorrow . Insyallah .



you think you know me.

Hey, I'm Hanna
Music is my everything.
I express myself here most of the time.
this is my blog, so don't bitch about it.
kpop is my pure obsession
i plan on travel the world once
and dance during a heavy downpour.

kpop is me.

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