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Friday, December 11, 2009
NEW MOON BBY ! / crazy day . @ 10:25 PM

Supp ma lil CHICKEN HEADS ! woah , i just LOVVEEE that phrase . Lols . Anyways , let's talk about YESTERDAY . Outing . Went with Izati'kenet , EeqahSiow , YattBarney and AjibJoker . Went to Yatt's crib first . Apit , wasnt able to make it as his dad didnt gave him money , isyam gy ton the previous day so , penat uyh , elly no money . So Yeah , it was supposed to be apit's day man . Cause of his birthday the previous day . Took bus to Plaza Singspura . Then went to Swensens . A BIGBIG thankyouu to YattBarney for treating all of us Swensens . You rock abg the purple dinosaur ! After we order and waiting for the food , Izati and i went to the Cinema to book for everyone ticket . Came back , found out that Ajib put the Chilli thing in my water ! JUBO TOL ~ Lols . Then the ice cream all came . Thanks to Yatt , i discovered MARSHMALLOW CREME ! I've always wanted to try it .. He told me about it on the ice cream thing . It was NICE . Ate and went to shops then NEWMOON BBY ! THE SHOW WAS FUCKING AWESOME ! Except for the freaking ending ! i CURSE alot in the cinema when the credit starts to roll . Great , lets wait till breaking dawn comes out .. Wtf . Then went to Somerset highway . Like i say before ,we have to goo past this creepy pathway to get there right ? We did . The trip was LONG to the highway . Then when reach , i found out my precious squishy eggy keychain was MISSING ! NOOOO ! Izati and ajib teman me patah aleq to find it . Well , we need light cause it was kind of dark . In order for my hp light to work , i need to on video . So i recorded the whole journey while finding my key chain . Back and forth . But neh jumpe . Our trip back was FUCKING FAST I TELL YOU . We was pespiring all the way while eeqah and yatt said it was windy . WTH ? From there , strange thing start to occure , i swear . Strange enough to freak the shit outta me . Something happen to Yatt and Eeqah . The scariest is about Yatt . But lazy to type about it . Then , slack at pending , had fun talking with Izati bout earth and stuff . I was fucking shock and stressed out when Yatt told me that METROSTATION and JONASBROTHERS came to SINGAPORE with out evven me knowing ! FML ! WTF ! reach home , about 12.05am . I couldnt sleep till 5am . If i fell asleep , i'll wake up every 15min thinking about that 'thing' that was walking with us the journey when we were getting out of the place . As if llike , it's near me ...

TODAY , met Eeqahsiow at around 6pm . SLACK . TALK . JOKE . Our daily routinee ? Her mum treat me mcd's . THANKS ! Lol's with her and her mum till about 8.30pm then her mum went home . While me and eeqah slack behind mac and talk about stuff . showed her the video . I don't know her what she thinks about it ... we talk about nonsense and crazy stuff . Had TOUGH time asking her to followed me to mac to accompany me to buy double chess burger . Lols , i'm an ass . BUT , nah we DID'NT fight . It was a joke . A hell joke . Then went back . I remenisce in the lrt . Lols . Tuesday , maybe outing again ? Since Izati is going to Australia soon and we're GONNA MISS HER , we'll go for an outing . That's it .


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