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Friday, January 15, 2010
Commit suicide ?????? @ 3:44 PM

Being a child is ALWAYS easy ! :)

Yeah ... ;)
At Yat's crib . Conquer the house ! Only living room . Anyway , eeqah and yat is in another room . So , i'm alone enjoying music out loud ! Okay , just now , i and eeqah was chatting to random stranger . They were idiotic perverts . Lols , it's cyber so yeah , all full of shit . We make them look like a fool . We play along well fuckers ! :P Izati was not in school today . She was having fever .. :( Get well soon dear ! Ajib , had soccer meeting . The rest , i'm not really sure . Okay , today at school , had fun with Micky ! She rocks for sure ! Then during break , my classmate wanted to commit suicide at the 4th level cause she said she was lonely and had no friends and stuff like that . i dont really know the whole story .. so i cant just type anyhow here right ? well , me and nurul rushed up to the 4th level ad we saw her crying , holding a pen knife surrounded by friends and teacher . Well , no comments . then after school went out with my bitch , eeqah and now at yatt's crib . Just chilling and surfing shit . Okay , i'm out .
Bye xx

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