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Saturday, May 15, 2010
Ukiss or sundown ?! @ 12:29 AM

I'm so fucking tired right now . i feel like sleeping . And , i think i just saw a lightning .. IS IT GONNA RAIN ?! If it does, then it's awesome. Sleeping while its raining is awesome plus, i just love the smell of rain. Chatting with nunushortyjin about capo and outing and stuff ... I'm bored . I just don't want to go to bed. just not yet. Can't watch Jersey Shore today.. Tomorrow then.. Well, ukiss , ill see you soon i guess on june ? OR NOT .. oh gosh .. Sundown or Ukiss . Pick one . I have to fucking pick one. Which i hate. I hate choices. I hate when i'm given a decision to make. If you pick that, you might feel bad if you dont, you still do feel bad. No matter what your heart says, you still have about 5% of this feeling inside telling you it's the wrong choice. Choices just messes with your mind. and i hate that. i fucking do.


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you think you know me.

Hey, I'm Hanna
Music is my everything.
I express myself here most of the time.
this is my blog, so don't bitch about it.
kpop is my pure obsession
i plan on travel the world once
and dance during a heavy downpour.

kpop is me.

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