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Friday, May 29, 2009
photo-taking @ 6:53 PM

It's SyuhadaEfron , Azmie and me . Took this picture near BPP lrt . Supposed to temankan Azmie till lrt and then , all of a sudden , we started photo takin' ! Had funnn . Gonna miss it soo damn much . Currently chattin' with FaiqahRadio . I love her LOTS ! Today school was kind of mm boring ... Let me elaborate bout' it .

Today , came sch late AGAIN . Recieve pink-slip for the second time . Almost got detention . Lukily , Mr Sheng (our discipline master) said that it was the second timer lucky day today . The first timer was able to goo to class then followed by second timer . The rest detention . I guess ? Anw , after sch , parents started coming in for PTC . I was soo damn worried to meet Eekah's mum . Before that , i salam some of my friends parents Mum . Quit alot came in . Then came Eekah's mum . Some people said 'Minahrep seyh ...' For me hmmm kind off uh . Eekah told me that the lighter problem have been settled yet ... Haiisssh ... Gave Suaidah her belated birhtday present . It's a carebear . I hope you like it ! After that , i and Syuu went to temankan Azmie till BPP lrt . Came back , Eekah's gone . I heard from Elly and Apit that Eekah , sumer kene confiscate .. Wth ... How to contact you in June hols ? Then met Hid's mum . Salam punn . Then went home with Elly and Hid .

June hols is here ! I'm gonna miss EVERYONE ! 1 month not gonna see you guys ! Tomorrow planned wanna goo Bugis with Mickey . Azmie said MAYBE he'll be mettin' us since he's stayin' at Kallang . But the Bugis thing not yet confirmm . And to 'the dude' from Nurul's blog , fxck off from her blog if you dont like her or her name . You're just a PATHETIC JERK who has NO guts to put your own name . ASSHOLE . Just go and get a life ass . Anw , change too pre-paid already . Ask me personally or through msn for my new number ayee . And ...

Have a wonderful day ayee !
till here people .



you think you know me.

Hey, I'm Hanna
Music is my everything.
I express myself here most of the time.
this is my blog, so don't bitch about it.
kpop is my pure obsession
i plan on travel the world once
and dance during a heavy downpour.

kpop is me.

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