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Monday, July 13, 2009
BAD LUCK !!! @ 4:37 PM

Okay people , today is such a bad day ! Urrrrggggghhh . Okay people . Wanna know the whole story ? Okay , keep on reading till the end . There's really really a BAD thing happened to me today ! Okay first let me tell you about the first thing happened in the morning . I'll tell you whatever happened today eventhough there is some part which is not the bad luck part . Okay , planned to go to school early today . Soo woke up and bathe . Then walked to school . Took my own sweet time . Then realise i was late ! I left the house around 7.10am . Ouh my gosh ! That is late . Soo walked at full speed . Reached class . Everyone stand already . Getting ready for the neational anthem . Then Ms Tay said to me as i enter the class 'Hanna , you late again.' I replied 'Nooo la ...' Then walked off to my seat .

First 3 periods was awfully boring . Sat there and listen to teacher talk . Too bad , no practical today . If not , can cook . Next week uhh . Just wait . PE time . OMG , tired siaa . Need to run run run . Who not tired ? Then do push up and sit up . After that recess . Best part is that , the Malay stall which sell Mee Soto had reopen ! Yay ! Sat with the usual peeps and eat . Then went back to class . Lay my head down at the table . Thinking when am i gonna top-up my pp8 ... Ms He came in . Her lesson was off the hook . Awesome mann . At 12pm temperature taking ... Soo teacher asked who have not passed up the edusave form . Soo i yelled ' Teacher i dont have Cher !' Theni walked up to collect the form . Here is the bad luck/embarassing part mann . Danny pulled my chair and i fell of my chair . Whole class laugh ... I was EMBARRASED . Teacher asked danny to stand up . She say some few words then he could sit down . Wtf .. Only stand for aboout 2 min ehh ! Then i yelled 'Teacher , he must be PUNISHED !' but teacher heck care sia ... Danny told me Izaan was the mastermind . I still remember my conversation with Izaan . Cause its soo funny for me ... Here goes ...

Hanna: Kurangajar kaw . Kaw yang mastermind eh !?
Izaan: Eyh , akuw dare dye jer ! Akuw taq tawu pun yang dye akan buat
(teacher asked to stand to take temperature)
-we comunicate something while taking our temperature . But forgot-
(teacher staring at me for talking)
Hanna: Eyh teacher , Izaan who the one talk to me !
(actually fake siaa . Then teacher stare at izaan)
Hanna: (laughing at Izaan)
Izaaan: Eyh , aku pulak yg kene !?
Hanna: Padan muker kaw .
Hanna: (walked to dustbin to throw the plastic thing)
Teacher: Hanna goo and sit down
Hanna: Wait , i wanna throw something !
Teacher : I nvr ask you to throw
Hanna: (pointing at izaan) Izaan who th one ask me to throw !
(again , that was fake)
Teacher: (staring at izaan)
-after temperature taking-
Izaan: Eyh sorry taw
Hanna: Kaw mintak maaf biler raya ! Kaw gy salam tangan aku dan cium kaki
akuw !
Izaan: Eyhh , taq bleyh . Nanti sembayang batal .
Hanna: Then kaw salam akuw jer
Izaan: Taq bleyh nnt batal !
Izaan: okokok , akuw blanja kaw esok .
Hanna: Tanaq uh ! (think twice) Uhh bleyh uh !
Izaan: Blanjer aper ?
Hanna: bagy akuw one dollar
Izaan: One dollar jer ?
Hanna: A'ah , baek kann akuw !?
Hanna: Eyh , taqper2 , taqya blanjer .
Izaan: Taqleyh , nnt berdosa ....
Hanna: Akuw dh maafkan kaw uh !
Izaan: Allhamdulillah
-The end-

Long right ? ahhaha . After school . Went to Lot 1 with Eekah , Syuhada and Faiqah . Met ahchemie there . Met Nazli and Aslam there too . They followed us for awhile then go Mega . Soo I lied to my mum saying i'll be realesed at 3.00pm . Please poeple , i felt GUILTY . And guilt killss . Faiqah AND Syuhada kept on saying ' Eyhh , Mak kaw ! Mak kaw !' Sial uhh , panik oii ! Then Faiqah went home first . Soo walked with Eekah , Syuhada and Azmie . Then , walked near pharmacy . Gues what ? NIGHTMARE came true . Eekah saw my BROTHER . Then Eekah said , eyh , ABANG kaw ! I said 'serious per!?' Eekah said 'Yer!' But neh believe . Then azmie said 'Kaw naq akuw amek gamber tak ?' I said 'taqya taqya!' In my mind was pls pls pls tell me that they are joking . I was hiding behind the pillar . While Syuu and the rest became my lookout . Funny sia ! Azmie pulled me . Then goo round round . And guess what !? MUM WAS THERE !!! And GOTCHA ! Mum saw me ! Huh , kene marah uhh . Aper lagi !? Cause of the lied thingy . But still , manage to goo out with friends . Almost cried siaa . But didnt . Soo regret lying . Learned at lesson today . Then met Farhan ! Talked to him for a while then walked home with Syuhada .

We were talking about stuff . Haiisshhh . Very funny sia talk to her ! Enjoyed the conversation with her :D But learned a lesson . I dont think i'm gonna lie again ... Soo she saw her friend , Waimun and she walked back with her . Soo goo home alone . Came home , LUCKY . Mum not at home ... Well , i think tthhats all uh for the day . Had funnt today though :D

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