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Thursday, August 6, 2009
@ 10:22 PM

Hello people ! Its been soo long since i've updated my blog . Change some stuff . Invited some peeps to my blog . Got spammers here and there . What the hell right? Anyway , blog stays private till i wanna change to put it unprivate .

School today was okay . Nothing much happened . I was lol-ing during recess time today . Lols , the vid was hilarious and embarassing ! Well , after recess , my stupid headache came . Idiot sia ... Sat at danny's place and sleep for some of the CE lesson's . But still headache all the way ! Soo mood went down ... Eekah and Faiqah took turns messaging my head . Wahhh , sedap uhh ... Haha , thanks guys :D After school didnt lepak . Went home early but first went to Lot 1 with Faiqah and Syuhada . Ate McD . Faiqah blanjer air . Thanks :D Soo took bus with Syuu home . Then reach home , brother wasnt home ! Kena lock out my house ! Keys was with my brother ... Soo waited for like 3o mins ... Then finally home sweet home and off to bed .

Just helped my mum fixed the fan that she just bought . Kindda difficult though . Tomorrow planned want to lepak first then go school as school is starting at 9.30pm since its National day . Now ,

May all your wishes come true ! Akuw syg kaw byk2 :D

you think you know me.

Hey, I'm Hanna
Music is my everything.
I express myself here most of the time.
this is my blog, so don't bitch about it.
kpop is my pure obsession
i plan on travel the world once
and dance during a heavy downpour.

kpop is me.

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