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Tuesday, October 27, 2009
happy 1 mnth eekah and yat !! :D @ 10:05 PM

See that couple up there ? If you don't know ... THATS EEQAH SIOW AND YATBARNEY ! Their first month is .. TODAY :D WAHHH ! Dha one month sey eeqah and yat ! Congrts x100 ! hpe korang will last really lng kay . in all those ups and downs in your relationship , remember you guys arnt alne kay . lve ones are all arnd you guys . glad to meet such awesomeeeee grlfrend like eeqah siow who've been there for me all the time and also an abg angkat like yat barney who've also been there for me :D fucking lve you guys ! :D dha la akuw nie .. tulis pnjg2 .. kay , nxt topicc !

let me tell u bout today . try to mke it shrt uyh . meet izati at south view lrt at 9.20am then go to elly's house . slack slack till 10.05am like tht then go south views lrt to meet budak kami . we planned with bdk kami to tell eekah and yat we not cming but actually we're coming for the anniversary . so bdk kami went up to her house first then we cme . Hahahha ! Eekah fell for it uyh ! She percaya ! then smethng happen . Dnt wanna talk about it . After tht , sme of us snd abg to school to tke his o lvl paper . then , wnt to the mama shp infrnt of school and eat . ajib pt lrt gyler sak ! after a while , apit kechyk dtg ! haha , fun uyh . ajib all ciao then left eeqah , izati , apit , adq eeqah and me . we all wnt to mcd . then her mom cme . after a while yat and isyam cme at 645pm like tht . kesian isyam sakit .. slck slck slck till 730pm then ciaao . esk jumpr lagy ? hahs , let's see :D
CIAOOO and tkecre



you think you know me.

Hey, I'm Hanna
Music is my everything.
I express myself here most of the time.
this is my blog, so don't bitch about it.
kpop is my pure obsession
i plan on travel the world once
and dance during a heavy downpour.

kpop is me.

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