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Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Happy 13th birthday to me ? Yepp ! @ 9:43 PM

Hello people ! Hees , who knows what's today uy ? To those who remember and wished me , thank you . I really means alot even just for a wish :D Kay let me tell about today . At school got some wishes . Thanks people ! Then after school , Eekah , Apple , Amir and me went to Eekah house . Followed by Nadz , Izati&Isyam then Nurul . Then , Shah , Apit , Azmie and Haszali came . They told me it was birthday bash Yat . I was like okay since his birthday is on 19 Oct .

Then Yat came . Waited for him since he was the main point of this planned . Wanted to do at the hall but Booked . Met Acap there . Aper lagy ? Dye join uy . So picked another place . Haszali was like 'Tkmo gy tempat tuu ! Tmpt tuu byk police uy ! Tkmo' I was like gy jer la ! Tk de tmpt lagy . Aper nk uat kan !? So all sitted there . Accept for Eekah Izati and Isyam . Skali , Mummy(apple) came . She said ' Ey EY ! Cpt cpt ! Izati jatuh rabak sakk !' They said , i Shah and Yat stay there . Acap also stay . I was like okay uh . Then took some pic through acap phone with Yat ans Shah . Then skali , they all came ! Egg and flour aim at me , Shah and Yat . Yat like tahankan Shah and me ! How to run ? Kene uy yg paling rabak . They aim at us three cause , my birthday is today , shah 16oct and yat 19oct . Lawa ey the date . Plus 3 . Then Isyam throw one more egg at me . Thanks Abg ! After that hug everyone . Mostly everyone . Then , took photo . The egg was stuck to my hair ! Photo with Izati . Before photo was taken , we ran away from the place cause Haszali said got ppl complain . Aper lagy ? Sumer ciao uy ! Then run to Eekah's house . Baru amek gmbr !

Then Izati called me . She bring out a huge plastice bag and she said ' Nah niy Hanna . From Akuw , Isyam nan Yat . Kitorang akan slalu igt brithday kaw uy .' :D ! Touch by her wordss ! Inside was a tigger ! Hug the three of them one more time . After that bathe ! All boys bathe one time . Then all girls bathe one time together . First boys then girls . We bathe tk sumer bogel uh . Tapy ade la care nyer :D So after tht we was pissed off with Shah . Dye uat bende yg sial . To Nadz : Sory kalaw akuw marah mataer kaw tapy serious uy ! Akuw geram sakk nan aper dye uat ! Dye pun adek-angkat akuw and kalaw dye tk slh , akuw tkkn mrh dye cam gini uy ... Those who know , diam2 . Those who dont know and nt in this hal , tk ya nk tawu . Tkmo jady kpo . Serious , i hate kpo ppl . So fuck off . Some stuff settle . Some stuff not . Tgk uy bsk . Then Ajib tron . Lepak nan kitorang . I , Eekah and Izati told him what happen . Dye pun terkejut . Anw , Ajib kind of help us . haha . Kay la thts all .
Bye and tkecre .



you think you know me.

Hey, I'm Hanna
Music is my everything.
I express myself here most of the time.
this is my blog, so don't bitch about it.
kpop is my pure obsession
i plan on travel the world once
and dance during a heavy downpour.

kpop is me.

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