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Saturday, October 10, 2009
Yesterday ! / Miley Cyrus @ 2:23 PM

Hey people ! I said that i'll type a proper post right . Kay , yesterday was AWESOME . It was Isyam one monthsary with Ina . Happy 1 month abg ! It was cool . After school , met up with happy fam . Wah , miss them soo much since it's been 3 days since i didnt attend school . Then went to Lot 1 . Haha , we played with the water ontop . Soaking wet sia . Isyam carried Nurul (since she was small and didnt wanna play the water ) to the water thing and she was soaking wet ! Hahah ,baek uh . Who followed , must get wet . Thats the rule :D Nurul , Eekah , Izati , Micky , Isyam , Ina , Amir , Apple , Yat, putri and me was there . Didnt miss out anyone right ? Plus EVERYBODY was soaking wet .

After the water thing , went near teck whye there . Before tht , I , izati , eekah and nurul go buy flour :D So went teck whye . Izati was havin a bad mood so let her chill first . Then when she smiles and became happy again , thats when we strt . We snyp2 bukak the flour then pour at his face . Hahs , sumer kene ! Some pics were snap but its at izati's camera . Everybody muker like very the white liao ! Haha , like wear powder satu botol sak ... After tht , went Isyam house wash up . Sat there slack till 5 and me and some peeps went home . Some stayed there .

Thats the whole story of yesterday . Fun fun fun :D . Anyway , got this news two days ago that Miley deleted her twitter . Forgotten to blog about it . And i admit , I'M FUCKING SAD+SHOCK . It's all cause of all the LAME GOSSIP SITE that make everything she tweets a big thing . WTF man . Seriously , twitter is pointless without her ! She's like the only person whom i know who got 2 million over followers . And now she deleted it .. Stupid gossip sites ...


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