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Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Message to some of you guys ! READ / Sylvia ! @ 10:50 PM


Hey people . Today , i got a call from eeqah at 12.50pm while i was still sleeping . I WAS LATE . Supposed to be at Yatt's house at 12 like that . Great . So bathe and dress up . I was fucking tired , i swear . Previous night , slept at 4.30am . What do you expect ? Used com . Yatt was fucking happy that he was going to get his new phone . End up , didnt get .. Don't worry , he'll be getting another phone . After that , walked to LRT . Met Ina there . Took LRT and say bye to Yat . While walking out of the lrt at Fajar , saw Haszali . Sombong sia . Nampak kitorang , bleyh gy laen pintu . Siak jerh . So walked with eeqah and ina to Mcd . Guess who did i saw at the Fajar Mcd ?? I SAW SYLVIA ! OMFG ! I know , i know , some of you will like say "It's just Sylvia" . I'll be like , jackass , it's a big deal to me . Yeah , as if like i saw the Jobros . Lols . She just smile and said hi to us and we walked off . Pinch me somebody , i felt like i'm dreaming ! Then went to Eeqah's house . Watch the ghost story , 'Mati Suri' . It's was fucking SCARYYYY . OOOOO . Eeqah kept on shouting and shouting like a lamb got slaughter triyng to freak me out . And it work ... I WAS FREAK OUT ! Her stare was evilll ..Then after that went MC . Thanks to her mum for the Cheeseburger treat .

Then , SAKAE SUSHI! Wooooh~ Thanks to her Dad for the treat . THANK YOU SO MUCH . Had millions of laughs in there with eeqah's whole family . They're wonderful ;D I manage to taste the real taste of WASABI ! My nose felt like smoke coming out and my eyes went very watery . Haha . Thanks to her Dad . Lols . then went out at around 9.45pm like that . Pictures with Eeqah , as usual . Sushi , it was awesome ! YUMM YUMM . Lols , i'm full and i'm gonna sleep like a pig after hearing MJ12 .

p/s; thanks to eeqah siow for the MP3 . Lve u lots bitch ! :D

this message goes to izati'kenet , one of my awesome girlf
Dear , i'm gonna miss you very much when you'll be gone to Australia on the 17th . I guess new moon outing was out last outing since i can't go out tomorrow since it's my dad birhday . Takecare on your trip there and ENJOY ! Lols , i'll be looking forward to meet up with you again soon . Cant wait dear ;D

This message goes to Nunushortyjin , my BFF .
BFF , enjoy you trip to thailand alright dear ! We've not met like for 2 months but i hope thing will be patched up when school reopen when we go crazy together . I miss you damn fucking lots girl !

Elly and Isyam ,
i miss you guys . Seriously . Not a joke :)

My mum ,
I'm fucking sorry to you . I can't live with the guilt any longer .

I'm worn out already . Bye cupcakes .



you think you know me.

Hey, I'm Hanna
Music is my everything.
I express myself here most of the time.
this is my blog, so don't bitch about it.
kpop is my pure obsession
i plan on travel the world once
and dance during a heavy downpour.

kpop is me.

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