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Saturday, February 20, 2010
awesome trip @ 9:23 PM

Yeah man ! Lol , let's talk about YESTERDAYYYYY ! :D Had a blast . Friday , after school , home . Then met up at cck mrt with eeqah and izati and went to Bukit Batok cause eeqah wanted to do threading and off to ANG MO KIO ! . Actually , planned want to go to Bugis or Marina but nahh , changge of plans . So took the train . Went to the park there and took some photos . actually , lots of crazy photos . :) I and izati wanted to stand on top of a bush (it was kind of possible actually) and then all of a sudden , BIG RED ants came to attack us ! FUCK ! i was screaming the shit outta me ! I was yelling like mad "GET OFF ME!!" Embarassing ... And went to the AMK shopping centre . The three of us was like 'oooo' and 'ahhhhhh' when we went to ssome of the shops ! Some are sale ! Ahhh ! Then met Elly ! Went to eat mcd and off to SHOPPING ! Well bought a pair of sandals . And got BOF cd thanks to elly and izati . Shop shop shop till 9.20pm like that since we're all girls right ? and took Neo-print . Slack near the park till 10.40 pm . While we going to the the mrt , there was this guy whom name haiqhal whom smiled at izati then talk to us about joining him to clark quay club (but we're underage , too bad) and talk to us about a business assitant thing and end up he asked for all of our numbers . Gave and off . Joking around and there is the two NEGRO man that followe us FROM ORCHARD (I think or cityhall like tht) TO SOUTH VIEW LRT ! Mother fucker ! We were being stalked ! The two negro man was eyeing on izati all the way . Cause of being so FREAK OUT , we all stop at south view . Loads of commotion there . There was this abang whom asked us to call the police but we did not .. One if the niggah SAID WE WERE THE ONE FOLLOWING THEM ! FUCK HIM ! Niggah . (Fuck , i'm not racist . i'm just pissed .) But it all end at 11.20pm . Walked home QUICKLY alone and reached home at 11.40pm ...

Well ,the bof cd ? I LOVE IT ! I know , people love it last year and i love it this year . I'm kind of late huh ? First when i got it , i was like , wtf is this ? okay , let's try check it out . So i on it aorund 12am and was like , this movie is SUCKISH . And at the beginning , i hate the F4 guys SO FUCKING MUCH . I was like 'fuck them for picking on weak students . loser' . But as time went by , i was addicted to it ! There was loads of oooo's and awhhhhh's in my head . lol . Watched all the way till 3am . Today , watched from 1pm to 5pm NON STOP . Crazy huh ? Then at 6pm to 9pm . Lol . guess what ? One cd took 6 hours like that to FINISH ! And there is 6 CD ! Wtf ?! I'm only at the second . but , there is some BORING part then , all of a sudden more drama . That when i like it best . hhahah .

okay , i'm done typing . bye .


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