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Wednesday, February 10, 2010
LOLOLOL / horny/borny bastard ? uhhh thanks ? @ 8:22 PM

LOLOLOL ROFLROFLROFL !!! I laugh too hard till i shit ! hahahahah ! This is fucking hilarious ! I can't take it ! READ THE ABOVE PIC ! The whole thing ! If you don't well , it's your lost ... But seriously , this is fucking hilarious ! hahahahahahha ! hahahahhah ! okay , i'm done laughing .. :) If you don't understand then ... i guess ... you're not that good in english ?? cause this isnt the english that PROFESSIONAL english professor use . :/

Yeah , you're defending yourself against stupid . I mean like wtf ? And thanks for the "horny/borny bastard" comment . (Wtf is borny bastard ? Can't you like fucking write properly ??) LOL . It's good that me and my friends arnt a num-nut like you that we can correct your spelling error ... And yeah , what's up girl ? You should be those jealous bunch seeing us enjoy our life right ? And yeah , we were worked up at first but in the end , we think and in my head goes "hell , if this bitch is gonna write something nasty about us , then fuck it . believe me , it's not worth it to be worked up about it ." Me a horny bastard ? wow , uhh thanks ? You don't know me . So don't judge me . Who are you to point out that i'm horny ? How about you ? Uhhhh , an SLUT?? Oooo , do you like that bitch ? I guess not . Loads of sarcastice comment huh ? One day , we're gonna know who . :) So yeah, ummmm , i would like to say , thanks for writing those shitty sarcastice comments about me and my friends kay ? :)

Uhhh long post ? Kay , i have a hater ! Wooooohhhhhhh ! lol , well , this is life , life is full of shits and drama . Got to live with it right ? ohh well . Today was okay . Me , micky , izaan and durga only went for the extra maths class . Arnt we just hard working kids ?? :) hahah . 4 students and a teacher . TRUST ME , it was the BEST maths lesson i've ever had ! 4 students and the class went crazy already ! Yesterday , PE worn me out so much . 7laps around the school . TORTURE . went to MCD and ate today . Then walked to bangkit and then walk all the way till BukitPanjang . Reach home about 7.25pm . My stomachis still grumbling .. I need to eat . FOOD is my life even though i'm skinny . OMNOMNOMNOM ! Kay i'm done . This week was a blast with , Eeqah, Izati , Micky and Durga . :)

p/s; Gemmaa ! Come online sooonnnn ! I miss chatting with you ! there is sooo much going on in life now ! heheh :)


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