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Wednesday, February 24, 2010
blahblahblah . / trace happy birthday ! @ 10:17 PM

Hey people ! Supposed to upload last friday outing picture but it's taking too long . and lagging . So next time . Just go view EeqahOhh's blog . Anyways , today was a beautiful day . It was sunny and windy till this 'dude' destroy it ! Thanks for your lame vulgar lil kiddo ! Better not type about it if not , i'll puke . lol . COMMON TEST ALL DONE ! Yay ! WAITTT ... Not yet hols . CAMP IN 2 weekssss ! uhhhhhhhhhhhh ! Freaking out cause , I DONT WANT TO GO ! School is doing this 4 DAYS 3 NIGHTS camp ! That's gonna be the time i'll escape from my broootherrrrr ! :) This saturday , masai's outing ! Loads of problem nowadays ... I WANT FOOD . I'm starving .. ANYWAYS , NEWS NEWS NEWS ! Watched the WHOLE BoysOverFlowers series !!!!! UHHH ! It have 25 episode and total hours of all the episodes is 26 hours like that . And i finish it in less then a week . Believe me , IT'S TOO GOOD ! You guys NEED to catch it ! Planning to buy another korean drama show ... What should i buy ... hmmmm .... anyways , umm , school just wore me out nowadays .. my dad is taking soo long to buy me dinner ! it's 10.26pm now ! I'm going to bed without dinner today ... :( Or i'll wait ... LASTLYYYYYYYY ,

TRACE CYRUS , HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY ! awwwh , he's 21 already ! It's sooo fast . Anyway take good care of metro station . don't break apart with mason since now it's only the both of you :) Metro Station fan here ALL THE WAYYY ~ Metro Station FTW ~



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