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Sunday, May 16, 2010
Vegeterian or NOT ?! @ 1:25 AM

Wow, it feels like this picture can read my mind. i find this picture and i was soo shocked.. so yesterday (that would be 1h30min ago) i was bored to death ... it was a boring day though. First micky came my house and we had a hell of a time.. dancing to chitty chitty bang bang... lol . then, Followed go micky to lot 1 as she wanted to shop. so we did a lil rounding round and round ... and end up, she bought nothing. Went home and i straight away on my laptop. played a lil prank on my brother . muahahahahah. he deserve it... And till now. And around 8pm , my dad came home with this GIGANTIC HUMONGOUS FISH that weights 4 KILO and it was FUCKING ALIVE ! When i saw the fish struggling , half of me thought of being vegetarian .. Seriously . i couldn't see my dad kill it. it's just a big "NO" to me. i can't see stuff being killed . It freaks the shit out of me . I currently am stress about $$. I'm short of it , like again .

ANYWAY , CHECK OUT THIS AWESOME 13 year old boy. His name is Greyson chance and i'm in-love with him. I'm inlove with a guy younger then me.. which rarely happen ... WATCH THE VIDEO . He's a 100000000 times better then your Justin Bieber. HE's WAYYYY BETTER. Seriously. I'm not saying Justin Bieber is a piece of shit or whatever, i'm just saying, Greyson Chance is gonna be 10 times more famous then Justin Bieber. He's not that famous yet and his video hit 13 million views . Like fuck yeah. I see a lil boy with talent there. TONS of talent . Check it out. You won't regret it. It gave me GOOSEBUMPS when i watch it ...


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