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Monday, August 23, 2010
not all Filipinos are bad @ 9:50 PM

i have never spend soo long on channel news asia before. there was a hong kong tourist bus that was hijacked early this morning at about 10am. 15 tourist was held hostage in the bus for close to 11 hours. oh my gosh , i was like praying for them and hoping they will make out alive. it contains hong kong , china and koreans people in there being ambushed.. the gun man/hostage taker is 55 years old Rolando Mendoza. he was a former police till he got fired or having chargers of drugs and extortion . something like that . i totally forgot the last part. in the end , 4 tourist was killed :( and 1 is in critical state. so sad. the gunman is now dead after being shot by a police man if i'm not wrong. and the crisis just ended about 20 mins ago. and you guys might think i ripped the words above on the internet or so, but i did not... i'm so semangat now to type about this..
i can't believe it that such crisis happen . i know hong kong people will be furious right now. they was supposed to go back home happily this morning till this asshole decided to hijacked the bus. gosh, just cause of he got fired from his police job and wants it back and sososo. because of MENDOZA, people are thinking twice if they would go to the PHILIPPHINES to visit. and i bet hong kong is gonna be furious to Filippinos. but i hope that people should understand that not because one asshole decided to hijacked a tourist bus, i don't think the whole country is the same. please don't hate on PHILIPPHINES and i apologies to hong kong, china and koreans people on the behalf of MENDOZA.

oral was an ass. teacher taught i have "gagap" sickness. cause i was damn nervous.

Rolando Mendoza, you've just undone all the groundwork that honest people put towards making a good name for Filipinos. f*ck you. - coziwashungry


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