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Tuesday, August 10, 2010
fireworks and girlfriends @ 1:44 AM

beautiful things doesnt last.
first, thing , i wanna let you guys know that , i did not took that photo. anyways, i went to marina today with my dearest girls, zeeshilton and eeqahohh to celebrate our one year friendship together :) awhhh , it was awesome. the fireworks was the most beautiful thing i've saw ever, especially in real life. the colours was so beautiful blend together. how awesome. it felt life was great, for once. we sat at right beside explanade at the makan sutra. and we met SNAKE ! i miss that dude ! he treated us seriously like he's our dad man. he would ask if what time must we go home , talk about curfew and shit. lol. and when after the fireworks , the road was empty when this group of people with motor pass by LIKE mat rempit and i literally shouted "WOAHHHHH!" and people start following ! lol , and i shouted , "ROCK ON!" And got loads of weird stares. oh wtf.i was constantly dancing to wedding dress all the time.... lol. went home around 10.50pm and reached home about 11.40pm. long journey huh?

But today was awesome. after for soo long , i get to spend a hell loads of a time with my wonderful girls and talk about whats gonna happen next in future . which scares us abit though. hope that our friendship will last. let's just see. fingers cross.

happy one year girlfriends! I love you guys so much ! Let's just hope this friendship will last till the end ! Let's stand strong girls ! let's try not to let anything come between our friendship and made it ours to cherish :)

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