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Saturday, September 4, 2010
kpop night craze. @ 12:26 AM

It's our PRINCE JANG HYUN SEUNG 21st BIRTHDAY about half an hour ago! i didnt do a quick post cause, i was on the net looking on some exciting stuff :) well, read on and you'll know what. so happy birthday oppa! look how much he have grown and how far he have been! do take care of your health cause we all don't want anything to happen to you! same goes to your hyungs! we love you!!!

so today, i didnt attend school. i slept for a whole of 13 hours yesterday! cool right !! hahaha. but i went back to school to collect my mp3.i need it, before holidays. no one was with me so i sat with, syazwan, shamim, ridwan all. and met micky. life saver. lol. so my dad came, ptc ptc, it was kind of okay. again, ms chang rocks. full stop. and help out with fund raising ! good luck to choir members!!! today seems to be a different day though. it felt different .

kpop night was a confirm already. money was set and everything. was just waiting for tomrrow to buy the ticket , till something happen ....

the big news. something that will probably make headlines tomorrow! well, first, the ticket was supposed to be on sale TOMORROW 9.30AM at somerset, till, they change it to 12am today! which is like half an hour ago! so unfair right! but, i'm actually glad that i'm not there. there like estimated to be more then 1,000 people and, there are loads of fanboys! i think they are there for the snsd noonas ! lol. check out the picture below that i got on twitter.

this was around 8.30pm!!! look at the craze! so full already of people. i bet some people is thinking that there are big sales somewhere!

around 10.15pm. chaotic as hell. police was called down.
11pm . beautiful, it's super dark. good luck people! hwaiting!

this was around 12am. when the que is alomost starting. they look like ANTS!

sooo, look at the condition. i mean like hey, i know how it feels to be in this kind of situation. i've been in it for like the lot 1 shinee (disaster) and beast hi-5 and beast autograph . 2am went smoothly, thank goodness. it's not fun, but i can't believe that singapore is this crazy. i'm glad that i'm not there eventhough, my chance of watching them live is gone. i went on my knees, beg my mum and got the money. everything was set and prepared, till hmv decided to change the stupid time and this happen. it's totally unfair. this remind me of another series of beast showcase but this, is much much more scarier. this isnt the first time hmv. there are police everywhere trying to handle more them 1,000 people. good luck though. i've been staying up (now is 1am) cause i was bored and this thing keeps me awake.
whats crazier is 6 bands is coming and most of them are top bands. 6 fandoms trying to grab best seats . now look, woahhh. scary huh ? last time, somerset was flooded with WATER now, flooded with people.
and guess what? some dude told a passerby who wanted to know what's happening that they were all queing for FREE IPHONE! LOOL! even hello kitty que is much more organise . angry sad and pissed.

i guess ss3 is our only hope. but i guess, tickets will be wiped in few seconds to . another drama in the kpop history? who knows. but don't be too sad to those who are not able to get tickets for kpop night concert! you are lucky to be breathing fresh air and sleeping on a comfy bed the whole night. not being squished and being all sweaty :) think of the positive!

those who are queing , hwaiting! i wish you guys all the best! :)

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