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Sunday, May 31, 2009
@ 6:29 PM

Hellooo people ! For the very first time , i wanna shout out loud 'I LOVE MY BROTHER !' okay wierddd . For today brother you rock ! He told me a website that can download psp movies ! ILY ! Wait ! I love you 50/50 . Shitzxz need to make a fxcking bet with him . And a promise . Fine fine . Hanna budak baek . Soo , hanna will agree .

Anw , today , madrasah finished at 4.00pm today . Earlyyyy . So went to Balqis housen with Diana at blk 6 . Teck whye there . Bought double chesse burger . Sedappp . Soo watched Mtv . Diana gy sapu otak-otak dye till left two . Then we went soo called 'ghost-haunting' .Wanted to go to a block then , we went to block 7 . Went up to lvl 25 . Last level . Soo wait . Then went up , nothing . Soo went back down . Then suddenly the lift all of a sudden open at lvl 5 then i shout 'kimak!' . Shock siakk . No one leyh .... Soo after that went block 1 . Poeple said that it's haunted . I don't know uhh . But Balqis and Diyana reallt made my day much more better ! ily you guys ayee !

Oooohhh man ! EekahGyler demam ! Get well soon ayee ! TC dear ! Tomorrow dh confirm , gy bugis with Mickey ! Yippie ! Gonna go Fajar sec first . Mickey asked me too first . Missin' all of you guys soo much . Let's meet up one day please ... Now , a quiz from azlyn !

Real Name: Nur Hanna Bte Sukaimi .
Nickname: Hanna :D
Male Or Female: Female :D
Primary School: Chua Chu Kang Primary school (:
Secondary School: Fajar Secondary School :D
JC/Poly: Uhh ... I don't know ?
Hair Coulor: Black and alittle of brown .
Hair Long or Short: Long ? I guess ?
Loud Or Quiet: Obviously loud !
Swear or Jeans : Wth is swear ?
Phone Or Camera: Phone laa !
HealthFreak: na'ahh .
Piercing : Yes ! Earbone , comin' soon ! :D
Been In Airplane: Yeah . 4 years ago .
Been in R/S: What is a R/S ?
Been In Car Accident: nahhh .
Been in A Fist Fight: Maybe yes . But i guess not a serious one .
First Piercing: When i was a young baby .
First BestFriend: Opppsss ! Forgotten ! .
First Award: idk ?
First Crush : Haha ! I kind of forgotten who ...
First Vacation: Malaysia .
Last Person I Talk: Danial . Through webcam . Like talk right ?
Last Person I Text: Balqis .
Last Person(S) You Watch Movie With: Class, 1A2 .
Last Food You Ate: Nasi Ayam !
Last Movie You Watch: Army Daze
Last Song Listen To: Dj Hopar
Last Thing You Bought:Double Chesse Burger !
Last Person You Hugged:Azlynn or Myra . Forgotten uh ...
Favourite Food:anythin' halal
Favourite Drinks: Milooo :D
Favourite Clothing: Anything .
Favourite Book: Chicken souppp !
Song: LOADS !
Flowers: aaarrrggghhh ... Not a fan of flowers .
Colour: Black !
Movie: Twillight !
Phrase: I dont know ...
Subject: Mother tounge
Kissed In Snow:Never been on snow before . I wish i could ...
Celebrate Halloween: Haha ! I wish i could !
Have You Been Broken: Broken what ?
When Over A Min In yr CellPhone: More then a hundred times !
SomeOne Question yr sexual orientation: Means ?
Came Out a Closet: Yeah,
Gotten Pregnent: What ?! NO ! I'm too young !
Got an Abortion: WHAT ?! NA'AH !!
Done Sumthing You Regret: Yea ... I wish i could redo it back to the right thing .
Broke A Promise: Yupp .
Hide Secrets: Lots and lots .
Pretending to Be happy: Sometimes .
Meet Someone Who Change You: Yea ... I'll love tht person always .
Pretend To Be Sick: To escape from sch ! Hehe :D
Left The Country: Duhh .
Try Smth that you would never do: Maybe yeaa ...
Cried over a small thing: yeaaahhh .
Ran A Mile: yupp .
When to A Beach With Best Friend: Not yet .
Eating: nothing ...
Drinking: Nothing
Im Abt A Ton: No !
Listening to: Blog song !
Plans For Tmr: Go to BUGIS with Mickey !
Waiting For: TOMORROW !
Kids: depends
Want To Get Married: depends
Career In Mind: Uhh ... Havent really thought of it .
Your Lips Or Eyes : Eyes.
Shorter or Taller: I guess both ?
Romantic or Spontaneous: Not Sure .
Nice Stomach Or Arms: i want both !
Sensitive or Loud: Loud . maybe ?
Hook Up OR R/S : What is r/s ?
Trouble Maker: Kind of .
Ran From Home: Thought of too
Broken SomeOne Heart: Yeah ... Regret it .
Do You Believe in Miracle: Maybe yeah ...
Believe in Love in First Sight: Like yea .
Are You Happy with Your Life: I don't know ... Yes and No .
Tagged 10 person to do this:
If you wanna do it then do . Not compulsory uh . Anw , wanna sleep now ! Need to wake up early tomorrow !



you think you know me.

Hey, I'm Hanna
Music is my everything.
I express myself here most of the time.
this is my blog, so don't bitch about it.
kpop is my pure obsession
i plan on travel the world once
and dance during a heavy downpour.

kpop is me.

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