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Thursday, August 13, 2009
@ 9:06 PM

What the fuck ! I'm back to the top again . Actually , I've typed like a whole long story about today till the stupid blackout occurred .. Okay , today school was great . Learned how to sign the pledge when CE lesson . Using sign language . Partner with Nurul and got full marks ! Same to Faiqah and Eekah . Erfan and Izaan also right ? Okay then Ms Pang wanted to take over 1 period from Mdm Tan . People were like angry i guess . And after that , she gave us back our class test and she said most of us did badly for it . And yea , we did . I got 7//20 . Yes , i failed . So , she said she wanted us to stay back after 1.30pm . People were like booing and yelling . Some people even demanded for tomorrow stay back and Ms pang said 'Tomorrow the Muslim guys got Mosque . Got Mosque .' Then Izaan said 'Teacher , we have no Mosque la . We have prayers !' And then the class laugh laugh laugh .

Well , during the stayback after 1.30 pm , we were going through this angles thing and Ms Pang said 'If you don't know the reason , i'll kill you ! And Eekah said something hilarious that made Ms Pang stare at her . Asked her . I kind of forgotten about it . So after that , sat at concourse with , Eekah , Izati , Azmie and Kahirullah . Then went out of school with Eekah and Izati . Went to slack . After a while , some of bdk kami came . Then they went off . But we continued to slack . And we went to change place to the pkayground . Met some people there . So lepak till 4 plus and off we go . Anyway people , I have an announcement to make ! Ask me in person ;D Lazy to write down .

Kay , have you heard about the news about Teen Choice award about Vanessa Hudgens and Dane Cook ? Well , Dane cook was about to give out the 'most hot award' Something like that but before that , he said something . Something that make Vanessa embarrass . First he said something like 'I want to say something that some people sont dare to say here . Who is Vanessa Hudgens ?' And Vanessa was like waving her hand and smiling . And Dane said 'Girl , you have to keep you clothes on Girl !' And the smile from Vanessa Hudgens just like disappear . And my heart broke when i saw that ... And NO , I am NOT a Vanessa Hudgens fan . Dane Cook did say more though . Go to ->>
That's all . Watch it !



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Hey, I'm Hanna
Music is my everything.
I express myself here most of the time.
this is my blog, so don't bitch about it.
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i plan on travel the world once
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kpop is me.

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