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Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Congrats SHANE DAWSON ! / Happy birthday dad ! @ 6:47 PM

Read the top . My friends call me whore , and yeah , i'm the FANTASTIS whore . lols , jk.

Hey peoples ! What's up ! Anyways , i wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DAD ! I was awaken at 12pm by my Dad cause he ordered pizza that early . I was fucking tired . So ate , sat down , watch tv and went back to sleep from 2 till 4.15pm . Man , i'm TIRED . Then watched tv till 5.55pm and slept till 6.15pm and now , laptop time . Have not even bathe . Now , i'm much BORED . Stayed grounded today . Twitter's having so much DRAMA ! Lols , posing as someone won't do you any good . People are taking advantage cause MileyCyrus deleted her twitter so the pose as her . Bitches .. Well , you gotta live with it right ? And lastly , CONGRATS to ShaneDawson for hitting 1,000,000 Subscribers on youtube . Check him out . He's one of the youtubers that can get my mind of all the shitty things thats happening to my life in his short video . And for that , i thank him . He totally deserve it . He kindda cried in his ThankYou vid . But hey , real man cry and i respect him for that . He have feelings :)
Didnt get a hug from Izati before she leaves when most happyfams did :( Fuck shit . Gonna miss her alotalotlaot :( :(


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