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Wednesday, January 20, 2010
LOL ! / TRUTH . / HAITI @ 7:37 PM

Yea , i used to be always trying to fixed everything . but now , im sick of that . I guess i just don't need shitty people like you . xo :)

Hey Mother Puckers . Fuck man . The net is pissing the shit out of me . Uh fuck you . Okay today , at school was hilarious . Our English Teacher is such a dumbass . Lols , no offense lady . We told her that the lesson was over when there is half an hour more . Well , FREE PERIOD ! Micky spar with suaidah . Cool huh ? Lols , then all the way was kind of boring . After school , slack awhile then , went to this one block . Apple was all there . LOADS of people were there . Thwy wanted to settle a problem . Well , some part was hilarious , some part was OBVIOUSLY
serious . Well , all you need is to tell the truth . Is it that hard ??? I don't want to mention names here , you find out yourself . It started at like 2.15pm ended at like 3.45pm ? And me and Izati went to followed eeqah to go to CCK . While walking , saw MICKY ! She tagg along . Eeqah have to help her mum with the grocerise (wtf is the spelling) . Soo i , izati and micky took random videos of us interviewing STRANGERS ! hahhaha ! We said its for out CCA . Like WTF ? Lols , i lAUGH TOOO HARD ! But not going to post here . Its EMBARRASSING !! Get my phone and watch that ass ! Lols ! Eeqah and her mum went home after that . We still slack till 6.15pm . Ajib came with kecyk and this dude . After a while , they went home . And we did too . Okay , i'm done . wait , hold on .

Haiti had an 7.0 magnitude earthquake few days back and i heard the had another 6.1 earthquake about and hour or half an hour back . Please please please do your part to help the ones in Haiti . It hurts me alot knowing about the condition there . Seriously , i'm tearing up . Do your best to help the them . My heart and prayers goes out to the family and people in Haiti . Amin . Check out this Haiti earthquake video . Watch it till the end . It hurts me soo much :(


1) Cheque donations
Donations via cheque can be sent to the Singapore Red Cross @ 15 Penang Lane, Singapore 238486. Please make the cheque to “Singapore Red Cross Society” and include name, contact details and “Earthquake Haiti” at the back of the cheque

2) Walk-in donations
Donors may make their cash/cheque donations at the Singapore Red Cross @ 15 Penang Lane (near Dhoby Gaut MRT Station) during its office hours, Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 9pm and 9am to 1pm on Saturdays and Sundays.


BYE ! xx



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