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Friday, February 26, 2010
TRAIN TRACK ! @ 10:43 PM

HEY PEOPLE ! Okay , Today went to Train Track with EeqahOhh , IzatiKenet and MickyJunior . Then after a while , Sherman and Raj came . Then followed by this two dude , Dave and Vicknesh . Check out the PICTURE first and i'll continue the story after you viewing the pic .
ENJOY VIEWING . lol . And yeah , check out the caption below each picture . :)

Izati , playing with the Sprite bottle

Candid with , Micky , Sherman (standing up) Raj at the end followed by Vicknesh and Dave .

Micky showing 'something' to vicknesh and dave . :)

Candid by eeqah . What is he staring at ?????

Candid by me ! Sherman sherman , where you going ??? Yeah , everywhere is FOREST !

Thats Raj , candid by me . He was throwing the rocks . Lol , angry ?

Candid by me. Izati singing at dancing. LOL . If you look closely , you can see SHERMAN DANCING on the back ground .. LOL

Shot by EeqahOhh ~ Lol at my face !

Candid by MickyJ . Wtf micky ? I didnt even know this pic was taken !

Shot by me ! i was bored ..

Shot by EeqahOhh~ . LOL at our pose .

Shot by Micky J or Izati kenet . not sure . hahs .

Shot by me . I know , lame ... hahahah .

EeqahOhh's~ shot . LOL , lame pose and faces . hahahah .

EeqahOhh and IzatiKenet . Shot by me .

Shot by me featuring , IzatiKenet , EeqahOhh and Nabil .

Feat IzatiKenet and EeqahOhh . Taken by me .

Feat Izatikenet and MickyJ .

BTW , none of this picture is edited .

OKAY , done viewing ?? That's not all the picture though . Lazy to put the rest :) Anyways , after school , went to Petir LRT . Ajib was there and some other people . Slack awhile and then me , eeqah , micky and izati went off to meet nabil . Took LRT and walk to Train Track . Fucking FUN ! We have to walk pass this bridge which is fucking DANGEROUS ! If you fall , you Fall at his big Longkang . And its high plus you can slip and fall ANYTIME . I was afraid of heights , Issue there but , eeqahohh held my hand alll the way ! lol , thanks ! :) We kept walking and snapping pic . I and Micky was the first two to walk IN AND IN the forest . (if you see the pics , EVERYWHERE surrounding you is forest unless you face to the right . ) Then we walked halfway and , WE WENT OUT SCREAMING ! Lol . We heard it . Then each took turn to go in . And guess what ? A train PASS ! First we didnt notice till Izati or Micky realised it . And we ran to the side . I was like fucking shock ! Lol , first time ! hahahahah . And it went pass us ! Passenger train . After an hour , a SECOND train pass . This time i took a VIDEO ! And it was delivering stuff to malaysia . Izati was like standing at the middle of the track and the driver kept on HONKING AND HONKING ! LOL and very NOISY ! Then came Raj , sherman , followed by vicknesh and dave . lepak there , took picture , annoy the shit out of EVERYONE THERE . hahah . And we went down to this so called 'longkang' . Went down to the longkang And we cross it ! Took out our shoe of cause . and police came . Oppsyyyy . hahahha , we did nothing so whatever . hahah . They called us . They were funny , actually . They did a spotcheck and he saw my BoysOverFLOWer disc that i wanted to return which i lloan and guess what he say ?

Police: You watch this uyh ? hahaha
Me: Ya ! Its a good story ! It's about TRUE LOVE .
Police: 'shaking head ' and loling .

How can a police be like that ?? then we went off without getting anything . The rest all went home left me Izati Micky Sherman Raj went to MCD fajar . Slacked there till 6.30pm and then went to MickyHouse to take some stuff with izati . Reach home at around 7.55pm .

That's OUR ADVENTURE to TRAIN TRECK today ! First time ! :) Tomorrow is a GNO with my three girls Eeqah , izati and micky ! GIRLS NIGHT OUT ~


See that little girl up there ? She's LaylaGrace and she's 2 years old and has stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma. Something like a STAGE 4 CANCER which is obviously critical . The doctor said that she only have about a month or less to live . Please people pray for an miracle to happen to her . She's so young . Everytime i think of her , it makes me sad and i feel like tearing up . Her family and friend will always treasure her . But , she's a strong girl and i'm glad . Keep on fighting babygirl . Don't lose hope . My heart , thoughts and prayers goes out to her and her family .
Hang in there babygirl . Stay strong .

To find out more , you can go to or follow her on her journey on


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