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Friday, April 16, 2010
UKISS , BEAST :D @ 9:53 PM

This pic , the words written on it , it really do makes sense . spend about 2 minutes reading it , hopefully , you'll find that letting go isnt all about being weak . The person who wrote this , is simply awesome . Anyways , SECOND POST ! So zee , eeqah , micky , amirul , hamzi , ariffin , medrie and shamim came over and crash on my crib earlier this afternoon . LOLMOMENTO WITH THEM ! It was awesome . Watched this EXTREMELY scary movie with them and they were screaming like assholes ! hahh , then asap and eeqah and medrie went off first . Then , the remaining of us played TRUTH&DARE ! Those who cannot answer the truth question properly , MUST DRINK SALT WATER ! I put 3 scoops of salt ! hahahh , pity . Then Hamzi must kiss Shamim at the cheek .. But , shamim ran away . me and zee ran after them like mad . Then at 5.10pm , they all went off . Thanks to zee for helping me to vacuum the house ! And i mop the house . Tired AS HELL ! Then watched my kdrama and i was crying as hell . in the middle of crying , JJ text saying he's gonna cut and dye his hair .. He better not MESS IT UP ! hahah , his hairstyle is AWESOME already .. And now lappy . I GOT A SUPER DUPER BIG NEWS !

See those 7 hot boys ? They're coming somewhere near to us SOON ! IN SINGAPORE ! UKISS IS COMING ! I LOVE THEM SOO MUCH ! Yes , im a kiss me SG , that's why i love them so damn fucking much .. Xander from ukiss tweeted "To all our foreign fans! It seems like U-KISS would be going to the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong for concert, showcase, etc~" which made me scream like a mad bitch ! I AM OVER EXCITED ! Im gonna see my boys soon ! Wait ... If i have the cash ... I better start saving .. like NOW .
DongHo oppa , kevin oppa , I WANNA SEE YOU GUYS AND THE REST SO BADLY !

okay , apri have been GOING GOOD . Alhamdullilah .. Finally , a lil peace in year 2010 . UKISS coming to singapore and Beast artist of the month for JK MTV . Cool . I smell a good good thing happening to kpop on year 2010 .



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