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Tuesday, March 30, 2010
Cyber bitch / Metro station @ 8:57 PM

Okay , at school , 2A3 planned celebration for MsChang ! ChewYee baked a cake and we did the surprise during contact time . Lol , MsChang was PISSED OFF that me , micky , nurul and chew yee went out without a pass .. We escaped a period of her lesson to help out with the cake . We came back and she was fucking pissed , and we told her . She was mad and shock at the same time ? Lol . go to art room , put on the candle and stuff then , she made a wish and kabaam , blow out the candle !Eat eat eat ! After school , me , eeqah , faiqah and nurul went to BPP to help out 2a2 with their celebration for MsChang and they bought KFC . In the end , about 5 2a3 got to eat KFC too . LOL . Geog act and slack at school since , DOWNPOUR again. mother eff . Went home at 4.30pm to watch SGB !!! today epi was hella hilarious and AWESOME !

This hot and famous guy turns 20th in western age TODAY ! Happy birthday KiKwang ! Good luck to him and his group mates BEAST !

Beast is the b2st . They've won their first award few days ago and i'm so proud of them ! Butt hey , you'll see more of them . People said that some of the members are recycle members but hey , look how far they've gone now ?! Rumours are fake . they've prove you wrong . All of them cried when they won . tears of joy . Kikwang cried the most . They've work so hard going and now . :) I was so happy that they won that i cried too ! LOL . Uhhhhhhh , i love them and their music to0 much .
Beast Hwaiting !

I Love Beast/b2st
I Love U-Kiss
I love FT Island
I love my girlfriends
I love my life ?????
not really ... lol .

on 23rdMarch2010 . I cried like fuck . I was a fucking metro station fan till eeqah name me metro station freak but now , METRO STATION is gone .. I'm gonna miss them soo much ... Trace , Mason , Blake , Ant . Hey , SHAKE IT ...

I'm a proud kiss-me !



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