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Monday, March 29, 2010
i love love love kpop @ 10:01 PM

Okay damn . the net is having PMS all over again . School was okay? After school went to Yishun with MickyJ and Zee . There was this indian culture stuff that included the piercing and stuff so i wanted to check it out with zee ! Took bus to Yishun . Then we didnt know where the fuck to walk . So micky called her godbrother but seems like the direction were unclear . we stalked people from behind but , hey we reached in the end , when it began RAINING . Drizzling then DOWNPOUR .. wtf . luckily bought my umbrella . But hey , we were still drenched and soak . wtf . People were staring at us like wtf . Like in their head was "whats up with this 2 malay girls doing here???" . Danggg . Went in the temple. WE HAD TO TAKE OF OUR SHOES ! Downpour and it was open space where we had to leave our shoes and socks ! :( But we did after micky yell "JUST DO IT ! JUST LIKE CAMP!" . Ahh , memories flow back . i miss camp . Am i weird ? lol. AND , we went in, saw the pierce and stuff , right infront of our eyes . Me and zee was freaking out .. lol. After wathching , getting freak out and drenched , we went out of the temple . OUR SHOES WAS FUCKING WET AND SOAKED WITH WATER ! Dammit ! We had NO CHOICE but to walk BARE FOOT till this one block which is far away and it was still raining heavily . beautiful , finally , i get to play in the rain again . It was a rare experience. Hell yeah. After a long walk barefooted and people staring at us like were an assholes , we finally settles down under a block. Dried off,went off at 4.45pm . walked till north point. TIRED AS FUCK! We love each other so we shared out money to buy bread :( poor us . Pokai mahh ... And guess what , while waiting for the buss , SAW HAIQHAL ! That guy with HOT hair ! (only) And i texted him . He bought the SAME BUS AS US ! he didnt recognize me . lol . And he stood RIGHT INFRONT OF US in the bus wheen we were sitting down .. And i was texting him .. soon i he found out and we talked ? A lil . lol . he knew me and zee only . I was busy texting him and JJ as i was bored as hell in the bus . as always , KPOP was there for me :)
We had a soaky fun tiring asshole adventure today . but i enjoy it . I had some laugh with them . thats the best . :)

im a proud kiss me SG !

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS CHANG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you had a blast today ! Thanks for being an AWESOME geog/class counsellor ! You rock . Have a freaking awesome birthday .



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