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Monday, May 17, 2010
allubyuukiss @ 10:32 PM

Doing a last minute update. Yes, something, i guess is better left unsaid. Im stress out here. It's just then i realized that its not worth stressing about. But i just help that feeling inside saying that 'you're gonna regret it' . You know, like exactly when you make choices. You probably know what i'm referring to now. No , its not boys but , its ukiss . (wait , arnt they boys?!) You people might be like "LERRRRR. Ukiss only wanna stress" You have no idea how i feel now . I feel like eating 1 pound of chocolates now. And i feel like ripping my heart out. Things sucks this month. More then just UKISS. Seriously. But, i just have to endure it i guess?
I'm not going though . I mean like hell , im a ukiss hardcore fan , i've been saving every single penny i can find like a hobo just for them. For the first time in my life, i save up to $70 on my own. I usually cant.. UKISS made miracles huh ? LOL.
Just please come back for a 3rd. I'll be crying on the 20th and 21st for you guys.. :/
I still love UKISS though .. Just hope BEAST comes and SHINee comes for Ainnie. She knows how i feel right ? hahahhaah. atleast she was able to meet shinee even from a distance. soo coool.
And EeqahOHH , cheer up dear. Yes , guilt KILLS . GUILT is a horrible thing. I wish it never exist. Don't stress out ttoooooo much and think too much or you'll be like me, a crazy ukiss fangirl whom is not seeing them again ... i have to stop bringing up ukiss... Just try to put away your problems away for a second or two. Love you :)


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