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Saturday, July 24, 2010
back to the days @ 7:38 PM

Sometimes i wonder. Don't tell me you don't .. i guess everyone does... Anyways , today , i officially stayed at home ! yay ! I've been out for every Saturdays except for this ! I had the best 12 hours sleep in this month. This month kind of SUCKS for me. It's totally not my month man. Stuff have been BAD for me. LIKE ALMOST EVERYDAY ! SOOOO, i stick to my guitar for like the whole day. I'm back to my nevershoutnever days for awhile. need to take a break from all the kpop . I won't be a total kpop addict if only metro station didnt split up .. :( Now they are doing shit to Trace. HIS OWN "BESTFRIEND" and "Ex-BAND MEMBER" IS SUEING HIM ! Which is MASON AND ANT! I was like WTF ! Gemma told me about this and i was like what the fuck all the way ... I can't believe it .. so much for being a bestfriend who would not even pick up your calls now -___-Wathcing this JAPANESE HORROR movie now.. kind of scary ... i love horror film ..

I WON SUNDOWN !!! 2 SUNDOWM TICKETS ! AFTER SCHOOL AND F.CUZ IS IN IT !!!! 대 박 right ?! But i'm not sure if im going ... ANYONE WANT THE TICKETS ?! Im giving it away.. NO LA ! I'm probably selling it or not even collecting it. ITS AT KALLANG STADIUM MAN ! So damn far. So there goes sundown . bye . lol . Anyway , 50 50 la kan .. saving my $$ for this kpop group coming. I want my hot noonas to come.. That would be 4MINUTE ! I want to see them so badly. Seeing them will be like seeing BEAST MAN ! hahahahah !

okay the show is getting exciting . pardon me if i shit in my pants .lol.

Life is like an iPod if you shuffle it. You won't always get the song you really wanted to play. -F. Sanchez


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Hey, I'm Hanna
Music is my everything.
I express myself here most of the time.
this is my blog, so don't bitch about it.
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i plan on travel the world once
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kpop is me.

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