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Monday, July 5, 2010
자기야 ♥ , Gemma's♥ prom night ! @ 9:54 PM

The placard that was HALFWAY done. but after this image, i completed the whole placard already. Yes , i hang out with my 자기야 , enna at her crib again last night . Went there around 4 till 10.15pm. Enna still have alot to do , cause her 권 is like seriously hard to draw out ... it was totally awesomeeeee. lol . anyway , i learn to read hangul a little bit thanks to enna! and now , i can type out some characters :) yay ! lol , anyways , today was supposed to go swimming with micky , but last min , i cancelled it ... :( so stayed at home. my brother girlfriend came over just now O.O . so tomorrow is school . and i hate it ! why , cause of waking up freaking early . oh wtf ...

It's GEMMA ! lol , can you see her hair ? it's her prom hair . I know the pic is small though . she had her prom last friday and toally forgot to post about it :( anyway , she look beautiful ! wow , he prom have got to be awesome ... Remember, i wanna pictures babe ! ;D hope you did enjoy prom night ! love you girlll .

HAVE YOU HEARD ?! our dear JAYPARK is visiting this sunny island , SINGAPORE ! I so wanna gooo ! But cash cash cash ... It;s $12o and only 1000 tickets is sold . T.T let's cry at the corner now .... i don't think i'm going .. so ex ... :(
"Life is like an onion. You peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep"- TMO

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