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Sunday, July 11, 2010
2AM !!!!♥♥♥ @ 11:32 PM

this fanboy is totally awesome. he got his cd autograph by all four of the oppas . Lucky guy. and he let us take pictures of his album. thank you soooo much !!!!!!!♥

The rest of the pictures can be found on my facebook.
So , yesterday 2am SHOWCASE was daebak~ The QUEUE was totally arranged and people listened . WOW , i thank everyone there for co-operating and also the first few girls . They are totally awesome. So , i was at Enna's crib , i overnight at her crib for a day and caught ECLIPSE !! It was totally awesome but ... TO MUCH KISSING SCENCE !!!! seriously .. Okay , woke up at 3.15am .. Cab down to imm at 4am.. reached there and there was people overnighting already. Queued up with astrid and a couple of her friends . Then eeqah came at 6am. We walk nonsense blablabla and then Arashi came. For a 16 year old , she's totally SHORT !!! hahahha it was fun bullying her.. So , we killed time by playing taiti , stress , poker , 21 and stuff .. It was fun playing stress although i kept on losing . And we played taiti i think for more then 20 rounds ! We sat at garden plaza from 12pm to 5pm wating for 2am . and played taiti . awesome.
And 2am reached around 5.50pm and started performing till 6.45pm . i had a clear view cause we were so near the stage !! ahhhh !!! All kind of songs. I was having sore throat at that moment but still i scream my lungs out. The boys were stunning in person . JinWoon is super cute ! I love his eye smile !!! ahhh melts ! He gave a smile and a wave at me and my friends though .. Uhmmmm , the performance was great. changmin voice was the best ... After that , i was smiling all the way and me and eeqah went to lot 1 to eat .wow , it's been awhile since i spent time with her for really longgggggggggggggggg.
Thanks to my 자기야 EnnaMonster , EeqahOHH and others for making it a fun day at the event. Next what event uh ? JAY PARK ? O.O I'm not sure...

VIDEOS OF 2AM THAT I TOOK ! : (2am performing 'I DID WRONG') performing "this song") JOKWON dancing to ABRACADABRA)

More videos to be uploaded soon ! ^^


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