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Thursday, June 4, 2009
-- @ 3:03 PM

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Hello people ! Mann , back cramp ! Anw , today , Hannah Montana the Movie realesed AND PCD performance today too ! Wow ! Soo much thing happening . Syakienah is goin to PCD concert ! How effing lucky is she uh ? I dont know but there are rumours sayin' that lady gaga will be there too . Well maybe uhh . Not sure .

Anw , today i did nothing as usual . Just bored . Syuhada came back from Malaysia already ! Yay ! Miss her soo much eh . And the rest tooo . Just too much to list down . Currently listening to Nevershoutnever song . Love the song soo damn much . In youtube , some people said that when they heard the song , they cried . Awwww . It is a very very touching song . Well , now i'm just yawning away thinking of what i should type for this post . Ouh ya ! I'm left with 6 more days till the due date . Awww man ... 6 days only eh ... It's ok . I can do this . Won't die right ? Sill can survive la ... Tomorrow planing wanna watch Hannah Montana: The Movie in cinema . Maybe only .

Here's a quizzz from SyuhadaEfron

All of the 14 people must do this quiz, unless he/she doesn’t have a blog .
Write the names of 14 people you can think off the top of your head, then answer the questions.
1. Syuhada
2. Faiqah
3. Chelsi
4. Nurul
5. Nadzirah
6. Elly
7. Hibriyah
8. Myra
9. Azlyn
10. Danial
11. Iffah
12. Chanel
13. Ainnie
14. Seri
p/s; i only write down the names whom own a blog

How did you get to meet 7? I meet her in my Primary school life :D
What would you do if you and 13 never met? Without her , i wouldnt know anything about Jonas Brother !
What would you do if 1 and 12 date? Hahaha ! No way !
Have you ever seen 14 cry? I guess not .
Would 4 and 11 be a good couple? nah, that wont happen .
Do you think 11 is attractive? Yeah !!
What's 2's favourite colour? i dont know .
When was the last time you talked to 9? Last day of school .
What language does 8 speak? Malay , English
Who is 13 going out with? You mean like dating or what ?
What grade is 12 in? Sec 2 .
Would you ever date with 10? No way !
Where does 5 live? Pending ? Petir? I dont know .
What's the best thing about 3? She's the best sister you could ask for !
What would you want to tell 10 now? One day , lets meet up !
Whats the best thing about 8? She's cute and a GREAT friend !
Have you ever kissed 5? No .
What was the best memory you have with 7? I forgotten .
When's the last time you're going to see 6? Last day of school . Miss her eh !
How is 14 and 12 different? One malay one Chinese .
Is 6 pretty? Yup !
How did you meet 5? In school since she's my classmate
Is 1 your best friend? YUP ! One of my best girlfriends !
Do you hate 12? NO !
Have you seen 4 on the last month? Yea . Almost everyday .
When was the last time you said to 3? Idk, forgot .
Have you been to 5's house? Nah . Tunggu Raya sudah .
When's the next time you gonnna see 10? Maybe in our next outing .
Are you close to 13? YES ! Especially when in primary school !
Have you ever been to a movie with 4 before? No .
Have you ever gotten into trouble with 8? Nop .
Would you give 2 a hug? YUPP !
When have you lied to 3? Maybe yea .
Is 1 good with socializing? YUPP !
Do you know secrets about 9? Some only .
Describe the relationship between 12 and 14. they dont even know one another
Best thing about your friendship with 9? It's great LOLing with her !
What's the worst thing about 6? Worst thing ? Nothing ! She's a great friend !
Have you ever had a crush on 12? Haha ! No way !
Does 14 has a girlfriend or boyfriend? I dont know ...
Have you ever wanted to punch 1's face? Hahaha ! No la !
Has 2 met your mother? Nahh . Not yet ,
How did you get to meet 3? Primary School
Did you ever physically hurt 3? No way .
Do you live close to 7? The distance ok la .
What's 8's favourite food? Idk .
What kind of car does 1 has? I dont know .
Have you travelled anywhere with 9 before? To BPP have uh .
If you give 14 $100 , what will he/she spend it on? Hmmm , something she always wanted ?

Finally , i'm done ! Till here peeps .



you think you know me.

Hey, I'm Hanna
Music is my everything.
I express myself here most of the time.
this is my blog, so don't bitch about it.
kpop is my pure obsession
i plan on travel the world once
and dance during a heavy downpour.

kpop is me.

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