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Sunday, August 16, 2009
Kude Kepang @ 1:39 PM

Hello people ! Okay okay . Let me tell you about yesterday . Syuhada asked me to update about it . Kay kay kay , I’ll write about it today .

Wah , it was a tiring and great day . First time watched Kude Kepang liao :D So went to Elly house at around 1.20pm . Ate there . Sedap the fried rice . After that walked to Lot 1 . So , we wanted to watch the Kude Kepang group that’s called ‘Astina’ something like that uh . It was at bukit batok west block 417 . So we went and took MRT to bukit batok . Stupid right we ? We should have taken to Bukit Gombak . Then . When reached to Bukit Batok , I asked people where is block 417 and they were like I don’t know . Then this one women say ‘ wah , very far eh . Is you must go down at Bukit Gombak .’ In my heart was like , what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck …

I kept on complaining non-stop to Elly . Took the MRT and went to Bukit Gombak . Then went round but most block 600+ and 500+ . No 400+ . Tired deyh … Asked people again . And one uncle that elly asked , said ‘wah ! Very far eh the block ! ‘ My heart sank when I heard that …. He gave us direction . And when we followed his FUCKING DIRECTION , Elly realized that we were turning one whole fucking round . Asshole sial ! So , this time , ADVENTURE ourselves . Then we crossed here crossed there . The block was near Dunearn sec . So wallked walked walked . And then , I saw this one big building ! I yelled to Elly ‘Elly , ni Dunearn Sec !!’ So we walked , feeling kind of realive . When I saw the school name , guess what !? It was HILLGROVE SEC ! Mother fucker . So walked , being so fucking tired . Was almost give up but then , this uncle helped us . He said must take bus and this and that . So followed his direction .

We were near though . But after we alighted at the bus stop , we still can’t find the block . Again we asked people . And I this particular man helped us . He was his wife I think holding hands and he asked him to follow him cause the place where he was going is kind of near block 417 . I and elly walked behing his wife and him . They were speaking hokkien I think . Some kind of arguing . Like where is the block . And I and Elly was like damn curious . Lols , but when we walked and saw block 411 I was screaming ! Happy ! So watched it . First time dokk ! Gerek ! Wahh , very the fun eh ! After about 30mins of watching , went back to CCK as there were one more kude kepang there . Went near Syuu block . First first were boring . Elly went with her kakak angkat so I was alone . Met Apit there to . Salam him but neh talk that much . Then baru the fun part start . Saw Hid there . Saw Hidah and Shasharockstar too . And sat with Hid , Syu , and the rest . Gerek uh ! Hahah , I want to watch again . Ask syu la . Gerek kan smalam syu ?? After awhile , Dad called . Uh , SPOILER UH !

He yelled at me and demanded me to come home now as he had no keys to enter the house . I took his keys cause my MOTHER FUCKING IDIOTIC brother took my MOTHER FUCKNG keys as he lost his damn keys ! He should be the one who should go home as he lose his keys ! NOT ME ! I didn’t even do anything wrong ! Went home , aper lagy ? Buat perangai uh sial . First I said ‘eyh abg should go home first what cause he lost his keys .’ Then my lame father said ‘ NO , He can go home at 9pm .’ In my heart was like , WTF , HE WAS THE ONE WHO LOST THE KEYS AND HE CAN GO HOME ANYTHIME ? Screw that mother fucker ! Kepala jubs uh sial ! Give face to my brother so much . Mepek tol . Kay thts all .

p/s; i was banned from using the net yesterday so i wrote this post at Microsoft words so when i can use the net , i'll just copy and paste it . I was fucking mad at my dad yesterday that's why many vulgar . But i didnt really mean it .



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