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Friday, December 18, 2009
Thank you (: @ 1:32 AM

Do you think so ?

Hey , it's currently 1.35am right now , and i'm not asleep . Well let me tell you about yesterday (thurs , 18dec) . went to eeqah's house . I was late , as pernormal . I overslept . I reach there , expecting Eeqah and Yat only but , there was Ajib , Shah , Airul and this one dude from sec 2 . Hmm , his name is amirul i guess ? Soccer dude and also a prefect . I heard that they were playing poker cards and the loser have to drink water that was mix with salt . Lols . Lucky , i was'nt there earlier . Hahs (: . I had my first fan ! AjibJoker ! hahah ! Joker joker ... Watched , 'Momok' . Airul and shah slept . Wtf ? I was the only one concentrating on that movie . It was not scary and kind of boring . The story ended for soo long ! Played the game Rami-o with Yat . LOST as always -_- .Then went Mac . At 4.45, went to LRT . Ajib kept on wanting and wanting to go home . Be patient dude . PANTAT SQUARE ! At the lrt he kept on sending stupid text message to Eeqah , Yat and me . Lols , pantat square tol .. Then i went to Lot 1 to wait for my mum , eeqah and shafiq her bro went to Buano Vista and Yat went to Bukit batok to fetch his lil sis . Bought my school books and bought a new story book . I was inlove with it . It's called A cup of comfort for Friends . i love it . Thanks mummy ! :D Then went home .

Now , i wanna say that to those who have been viewing my blog daily , thank you . it means alot to me . I love viewers so keep on coming (: But one thing , do leave a tag . A nice one please . It could make my day brighter . Anyways , most of the pic i posted is credited to Tumblr . :D

btw , to those whom i've tell my spare number , i've CHANGE BACK to the 9886 number (:


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