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Saturday, January 23, 2010
HAITI @ 3:07 PM

In Haiti , after the 7.0 magnitude earthquake .

SSup jerkos ! ITS SATURDAY ! Cheer with me bitches ! Okay , let’s get to the point . It’s gonna be a LONG post but BARE with it and HELP ! I’m doing this post for the Haitians . I know , I’ve been posting a lot about the Haitians and stuff but I really really hope that ANYONE reading this blog could help the Haitians . People in Haiti didn’t ask for that to happen it sadly , it did . TWO massive magnitude Earthquake hit there . The first was a 7.0 magnitude earthquake and second (which was 2 or 3 days ago) was a 6.1 magnitude earthquake but it was predicted to be as worst as the first one . You can go to FOR INTERNATIONAL DONATION .

For SINGAPORE only :
All 69 mosque will be open for donation from WEDNESAY to FRIDAY . The proceeds will go to the international Federation Of Red Dross and Red Cresent Societies , which are Currently in Haiti taking care of survivors . OR YOU
COULD CALL : ( For Singapore)
Singapore Red Cross: 6336 0269
Mercy Relief: 6332 6320

Do your best to lend a hand . My heart and prayers goes out to the people and families in HAITI . Amin . <3 For SINGAPORE , you can catch HOPE FOR HAITI today at 6pm at MTV ASIA . THANKS <3
Bye ! xx



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