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Friday, March 26, 2010
BIO OR CHEM ? @ 11:00 PM

I just wanna post this picture to tell you HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM ! Seriously , i love them like FUCK ! The second guy to the left is mineminemine . Lol . Lame . Hhahah . BUT, they rock . I love them MORE THEN YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE . Their music can turn my frown upside down ANYTIME :) ilovethemilovethemilovethem. okay .

Pick the right path . NOW , for a proper post . Okay , school was KIND OF okay . hmmm , after school , went to Lot . Met HS there with eeqah , izati , micky , durga . I was addicted to the library and i DIDNT want to get out of that place . So yeah , WARNING , dont bring me to world of books unless you wanna stay in there for like 2hours or more . I'm a bookworm . Call me NERD :D But , eeqah have a GOOD idea to get me out of the world of books . Comics Sans shop . I WAS CRAZY AS HELL SHOUTING ! Damnnnnn . But too bad , not enough money .. DAMMIT ! My mind was UPSIDE DOWN ! Then went food culture . EAT EAT EAT and went to Micky house . END UP , NO ONE AT HOME and SHE DIDNT HAVE A KEY . Eeqah went home with HS already . Damnn . So stayed outside . Then went below block , ajib came, slack until this resident complaint . We're an JACKASS outside school . Went back to school at 6.40pm . We all were late for this SEC 3 Briefing thingy . Finished at 8pm . sllack till 9.15pm and went home .tired as hell . I want to eat ..

SO NOW , THE QUESTION IS , SHOULD I TAKE BIO OR CHEMISTRY ?! I was soo stress thinking about this shit .. lol . what should i take ????? HELP HELP HELP !


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