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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It is . Let me tell you about today . well , school was such a bore . I was like falling asleep ALL THE TIME . Too boring i guess ? After school , slack at petir LRT then went to MickyJ house . It was boring as hell till i got the idea , eyh , boring right ? PLAY HOTEL 626 again how ?! Durga was the only one whom have not play the game yet . but we play the game "THE HOUSE" first . Hahahha , it was like my 3rd time playing it ? Micky was yelling her ass off . That dumbo , act tough . :) Durga first was like "scared la scared la !" After game "LETS PLAY SOMEMORE !" i like your spirit girrlll ! So we didnt play hotel 626 we play ANOTHER game but scarier then hotell 626 . a new game . But we had a hard time logging in since we put the year wrongly since 18 and below cant play . So played hotel 626 first , and durga was like " AHHHHHHHHH! " hahahaah ! Scary right ? She was like "I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO !!! AHHHH" LOL . Hilarious as SHIT ! LOL ., Then pplayed that game ! I WAS YELLING MY ASS OFF ! I was near to tears ! That was the EVIL , UGLIER , SCARIER twin of hotel 626 ! FUCK @$#%&! . But end up we died cause we NEED a webcam to complete the last stage and a picture . WTF . SAT UYH ! lol . AND READ THIS SHIT .
ME AND DURGA WAS STUCKED IN A LIFT BREAKDOWN FOR 30MIN !!!! Holla ! More then that i guess ? First , we used micky house lift . me and durga went in and micky and izati tried to open the door . So me and durga went up from level 25 to 1 twice and they open the door at level 1 to make the lift jam ! FUNNNN ! till , we had too much fun and the lift breakdown ... There was an announcement and we called micky and we all panic like shit ! We called the maintainencee and they came after like 35min . EFF LA ! It was so hot ! I took a video using my phone and i was singing and dancing in the lift since i was bored as hell . LOL :) Went out , first thing , fresh ait baby .. MEMORIES :)

LASTLY , my brother is a piece of shit . Like i mean it . He's an extreme douche . asshole . He's like sec 3 already and he need to like start acting as a real men but he's all childish and he have a fucking childish mind . He need to shut the fuck up and stop intefering people problem that DOES NOT involve or concern him . HE only tries to make in to MUCH MORE trouble . Gosh grow up momma's boy . You're 15 . Not 5 . Thanks ass .



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