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Friday, March 12, 2010
I LOVE CAMP ! I miss my insturctorsssss ! @ 12:37 AM

Yea , i really do .

OKay , here's the thing . YES , i'm back from camp BUT , i'm not happy . I dont wanna be infront of my laptop now , i wanna be in camp , seeing all those yucky worm , getting bitten by ants and getting another injury . (yes i was injured .. ON THE FIRST DAY ..) The thing is , i'm updating this blog to tell you people , I'M BACK . I'll tell you in full detailed about my 4days3nights camp tomorrow onwards .. It's not lame . It's the best camp i've ever been to and the best 4days3nights i have in March . Trust me . it's MORE than worth it paying $30 for this camp . I simply can't type a long post now cause i'm tired .
I just miss my instructor AyidTonet and the other instructor like DeCrewz , Snake , Eboi , JJ and the rest .. Trust me , some people WANTS to stay for another night instead of going back today . Some people cried and yes , i was one of them . I'm gonna miss them so much :( I REALLY hope we'll meet again . They're such AWESOME people . AWESOMER then you can EVER imagine . OKay . im out .



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Hey, I'm Hanna
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