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Thursday, May 20, 2010
MUST WATCH ! @ 5:50 PM

WOW ! Cube family is awesome !!!!!! Okay now, BeastUKiss4MInuteMBLAQ is my favourite. Ft Island have been rather quiet though ... and ive been waiting for their comeback for AGES till now. Blahhh , soo now, Mblaq4minute will replace it ! Im a jerk . Anyway 4minute is like the first girl group , wait second (first is after school!) girl group that i'll date ! (WEIRD MUCH) I'm a 99.9% (In this world, i dont believe anyone is FULLY straight) straight and i find them HOT and wowness. Hyuna is like WOW. She's hotter then megan fox. maybe.. FOR ME! SOO yeah , my back is hurting . Bought a new pick for guitar... Justin bieber songs is like the most easiest to play , but i dont have the guts to play infront of even ONE PERSON.. I'm a loser .
DONT FORGET TO CATCH JERSEY SHORE FINAL EPISODE ON MTV 12AM Friday ! It's the last episode and it's like gonna be FULL of drama since it's the last EPISODE ! Don't miss it ! It's a must watch okay ?!
And also BLUE MOUNTAIN STATE on sunday 10pm on MTV !
This are all must catch .Trust me , it'll kill your boredness and make you go WOW. Seriously.
P/S; some scene are allowed for 16+ (jerseyShore) and 18+(bluemountainstate) as there will be lots of adult scene and strong language. (thats what MTV ALWAYS says) BUT WHO THE FUCK CARES ?! Just catch it . lol. :D



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kpop is me.

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