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Friday, June 25, 2010
BEAST HI-5 SESSION !!! @ 12:23 AM

anyo. okay , had a blast at BEAST HI-5 SESSION on the 23rd. anyways . video and everything WILL BE UPLOADED ON SATURDAY okay ? ;D mianhe >.< yesterday i was uploading till i almost fell asleep infront of my laptop ! lol , just now uploading and the net went haywire so the connection was lost . now ,, lazy . lol . there's like loads of MUST REMEMBER moments kay ! had a blast with enna and dian . serious seyh. The touch of the 6 BEAST BOYS hands , i still can feel ..

KIKWANG OPPA wink at our direction. when he wink , i had total eye contact with him !!!! same with enna and dian . cool RIGHT ?!?!?!?! thanks to enna for grabbing his attention !!!

And i had the best 10 seconds conversation with DONGWOON oppa when i went to hi-5 him. CHECK IT OUT !
Me to DONGWOON: OPPA ! Saranghaeyo !!!!
DONGWOON to Me: OH ! SARANGHAEYO !! *with a smirk*
Totally melted when he said that ! xD

SATURDAY FULL DETAIL KAY ?? promise ! lol , and tomorrow , AUTOGRAPH SESSION !! see them again !

HannaFernaldo ?!

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