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Sunday, June 20, 2010
happy daddy's day !!! @ 10:22 PM


Anyways the first half of this post is dedicated to all the wonderful daddys out there ! today , it should be your day :) Hope that things goes fine for you today. and to my dad ,

HAPPY FATHER's day dad. thank you soo much for taking up with my stubborn attitude and some of my crap . i'm hard to raise , i know. I hope that you can quit smoking (seriously..) . Also, thanks for working hard for me and my never can be controlled brother and please dad , you know i love you so please , sometimes stop annoying me. lol , yes and i'll try to appreciate every little bit of suff that you have gave me . thanks dad. when i earn money when i grow big, i'll buy you a big gift. but now, i'm broke .. sorry dad ...

WOAHHHH , chill with the cheesy lines here .. lol. i know right ? it's not like as if my dad is gonna read this but yeah , just a cheesy post. if he does , AWKWARD ... lol.
Daddy's day QUOTES: "i will find my prince someday, but you'll always be my king"~ geztafoya
image by

WOW ! they are in Singapore now !! did you see them perform in the SHENG SIONG show just now ? seriously , dong ho looks hot and mature and kiseop with blond = HOTNESS OVERLOAD. hahaha. They are doing a showcase tomorrow. :D well , counting down to wednesday .. AHHH , i'm gonna see the beast boys. Look out for 23,24,25 june ! the post will be especially for BEAST ! i'll try to snap pic and put it here ! xD soo stoked. AND , I GOT MY BEAST HI-5 SESSION TICKETS ALREADYY!! xD
The stye below my eye is like huge but now , it dosent hurt.. should i squish it till it pops ? it's annoying me and having a stye = bad week .. :( Watching world cup while blogging .. (how is that possible ?! O.o) okay , italy penalty was a succes !!!! ITALY 1:1 NEW ZEALAND NOW ! let's see who will win in the end !
okay , monday , is like the only day that i'm staying home this last holiday weekdays ..
tuesday: goo to bugis with Micky and Izati then collect beast showcase tixs..
Wednesday:BEAST hi-5 session
Thursday:BEAST showcase
FRIDAY:BEAST autograph session
SATUDAY: KO , staying home ... too tired..

IT'S PACKED ... But , it's okay . last week of holiday should be a blast .. ;D
Quotes of the day: "My dream girl? I dont want her to be perfect." ~Jaebum
HannaFernaldo ?!

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Hey, I'm Hanna
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I express myself here most of the time.
this is my blog, so don't bitch about it.
kpop is my pure obsession
i plan on travel the world once
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kpop is me.

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