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Saturday, June 5, 2010
SO BEAST ! @ 11:47 PM

YAY ! i got the autograph tics for beast! Me and ainnie will be going together like a date ? lol AND ALSO, thanks LOADSLOADSLOADS to enna and her friend for helping me to reserve the tickets ! Well , now , all tickets are sold out for both showcase and authograph at all outlets. :( It sucks that i won't be able to go to the showcase. It sold out at citylink in 6 hours and on the second day, it sold out on somerset in AN HOUR ! wow .. Those who are going to autograph , SEE YOU THERE ! ^^

Suju's coming tomorrow . anyone seeing them ??? If yes, you're one lucky duck !

Today, went IMM alone , to collect the tickets. Then went home and i was in the best mood . lol. i wanted to try to lie to ainnie saying that i didnt get the tixs but hell i couldnt stand it !!! Then , whats bestttt is that priya was home for a day ! I hang out with her till 11.30pm. Its too awesome . we were like going through manicures and stuff and talking all about stuff. It's fun, it's been so long since i hang out with her. long story. It's like when we were like young again , talking shits but now, more maturely ? lol. Next year then only she'll be back... blehh , that sucks. :( It's gonna be her sweet 16 this year . YEAHHHHHHHHHH , so lucky an awesome !

GEMMMAAAA! i would like to thanks her for everything ! My closets cyber friend. She can cheer me up anyime. thank you sooo much gemmmaaa ! *cyber hug* xoxoxoxo

SON DONG WOON. Happy birthday !!! happy 20th (korean age) BIRTHDAY ! YAY , the maknae is grown up ! wahhhh , eventhough you don't look like the maknae , you'll always remain as beast maknae ! Keep beast rocking ! i guess beast will throw an extra splendid birthday for you like they always do for other members ? ^^

wahhh , formsping is an fucking idiot. it became so complicated and its taking forever to load.


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