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Saturday, June 26, 2010
FULL DETAILED !!!! HI-5 and AUTOGRAPH !!!! @ 7:52 PM


THE PICTURES ABOVE ARE ALL FROM BEAST Hi-5 Session !! Let's start it off, okay, i woke up first thing in the morning at 4.30am, bathe and everything and went out of the house at 5.20am. Met Enna at South View lrt in a cab. So she came from woodlands to south view then to IMM. it was my first time meeting her though. But, she's super friendly though. we get along fast and like now, she's my kpop girlfriend ! lol! anyway, we reach there and when i saw imm , i was expecting people to like overnight, but,, nahhh, only like 4 people did. so over there , i met Tara and Astrid. And we were like top 20 people on the list. So yeah , we're happy. So we sat , and Naf came. And got chased away by securities. we dispersed and loiter around . Went to IMM with enna and we both like adventure the whole imm playing with iphone and ipods at the apple store. lol! And soon it was 2pm. We started organizing que and stuff and it started to rain HEAVILY. it was like wtf moment for us. people were rushing in the mall blocking fish and co. And around 3pm , the securities were like damn pissed with some people blocking the stalls so he took up the stand and told us to Que at level 4 staff cafeteria. And people just fucking rushed up not following the que. People wanna follow the que except for some bitches WTF .
AND THEN , HI-5 !!!!!!!!! there was like Lucky draw and OH MY GOSH ! enna won the lucky draw ! Youre one lucky bitch ! She got an autograph poster ! The boys arrived late and perform shock . DID I TELL YOU THE BEST PART ?! WE WERE FUCKING INFRONT OF THE STAGE KAY ! no one blocking ! And we GOT LOADS OF ATTENTION from dongwoon oppa. we were at the side and i made SOO MANY eye contact with me and he always come to the side , to just smile at us ! he showed us a HEART SHAPE SIGN TO ! i swear ! And second most attention is Kikwang oppa when he gave us a WINK ! and third was Hyunseung and Yoseob . The rest was eyeing onother fans . lol , its okay . Got 4 beastly boys attention is enough !
AND NOW ! the HI-5 time where we went up on stage . first was hyunseung oppa. I went up and when reach out to touch his hands , it was incredibly soft and his skin is wow. Next was Yoseob , i Hi-5 his hand and said "saranghea OPPA !" and he gave me a smirk . a really cute one ! And then kikwang oppa. This one was awkward . I look at him and hell , no words came out at all . I SHOUTED saranghea oppa to the previous oppa but i didnt to him . he look at me smiling like expecting for me to say something , i touch his hand and look at him . it was like the longest eye contact i have with him . he eyed contact with me all the way till i reach junhyung oppa. SUPER AWHHH AND WOW !! I just yell oppa at Juunhyung and hi-5 him and he gave me a nod and a slight smile. Dujun , i yelled OPPA SARANGHEA ! and reach out to his hand for a hi-5, and he gave me a nod and a "umm" like yes like that.
DONGWOON OPPA's was the best i tell you !
I was like "OPPPA !!! SARANGHEAYO !!"
and he was like "OH ! SARANGHAEYO !!"
with a wide smile and a smirk . omo , i felt like fainting and i got a large poster. I was yelling with Enna and Dian SOO LOUD ! And then we saw them leaving and dongwoon oppa was like looking at us waving and me and enna showed him a heart shape ! lol ! and there 23rd end ..

THRUSDAY ! i missed out showcase. Sad right ? went to the docs for my eye. Got the medicine and stuff. the doctor gave me this cream . i heard that they perform OASIS and one lucky girl got pick ! loads of SKINSHIP up there ! JEALOUS !

FRIDAY ! 25thJUNE2010

THE AUTOGRPAH SESSION ! wow, it was a torture ! its all the security fault. im serious.. ask anyone there. Well , i went out of the house around 5.45am . Met Enna at south view an cab to IMM. Shocking , there were like people sleeping and it was raining ... Tara and Astrid was sleeping at the entrance and there was like 200 people name already in the list. Naf came awhile after that. And so as usual , around 7.ooam we got chased away by security so we dispersed. went to mac and ate PANCAKE ! yummmm. lol. Dian after awhile. And Ainnie came around . We sat at mac and more and more people came but hell yeah , it was fun ! Enna was dancing with Naf PUBLICLY but it was okay cause they were goood ! Enna can do the Bo peep bo peep BUTT dance PERFECTLY ! Soo awesome and Hidayah came to tell us que was starting . So the que was settled till like the 200plus people. the supervisor (fish monger) agreed till 5 mins later he announce the public que was at the OPPOSITE ! And people climb above the bush and dashed across the road ! IDIOT ! what if someone got knocked down and died there ?! ASSHOLE ! So people rushed and we were like 1000th plus i think . wtf right ?! We stood there for like 3pm till 5.45pm . non stop . and there was this OLD LADY like auntie and she was a beast fan . she was fucking ask us to MOVE back so that the front people can QUE . EYH what the fuck la . Shut the fuck up old lady. no one will listen to you . So what if she's the oldest ? I might puke.. Then we stood and we did a human barrier so that no one can cut in the que . and it was a success eventhough we are thrown in the back .. So we went in garden plaza around 6pm. And we got an awesome part where there is chair ! we could stand there ! And the beast boy came !!! Then , i was like squished for like a 100 time but our hands kept lock so that we wont seperate except for dian :( And i reached up , the oppas were all smiling eventhough we were like the 1000th plus people , they still put up their smile. i said oppa anyohangsaeyo to yoseob and he gave a warm smile same with hyungseung and doojoon. Kikwang was like looking at me with his hot eyeliner and smiling at me soo widely ! Dongwoon was like giving people a glance only while concentrating at the CD signing and when he saw me he gave a glance atfirst and then quickly turn to look at me ! UHHHH ! He smiled at me and i showed him a shape sign and said oppa saranghea ! And he look at me and gave me a super wide smile ! wahh melt ! Junhyung was like concentrating much on the album and he look at me and gave a nod to show like "thankyou" . Took my album got off the stage , and i found Ninie was crying .. She didnt get her album sign cause of the heartless security. the got the ticket all . wtf right ? cause her album is slightly bigger ... I wanted to yell cause i was so happy but end up , my mood went down .. i put the album in my bag and gave her a hug .. Babe , dont be sad . 100% there'll be a second chance :) and then watch their vans go and now they are like in malaysia already. I miss them already .. :(


look at how much i spend JUST ON BEAST ! i love them too much that why .. my 150 is all gone just in this month ...

You might wanna turn down the volume i was screaming TOO LOUD ...

TO all beast fans who was not able to go , dont worry cause i know the boys LOVE singapore. On the showcase, people said they worked their freaking ass off for the SG fans . Like to the max . So touched . and on the Autograph session , the signed all 3000 album and stretch their time . They were like supposed to leave for malaysia and then , the MC announce said that they boys might be leaving already but dont be dissapointed if you dont get your album signed .. But , they stayed eventhough the HAVE to go already .. they didnt want to disappoint us. how sweet. so i'm sure that there is a 2nd time .. Btw , my voice is GONE ...-____-

HannaFernaldo ?!

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