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Sunday, September 19, 2010
kpop dance battle @ 10:00 PM

image by teenage.
today was me and my group auditions for kpop dance battle. i was nervous as hell man. but in the end, i was like, i dont care if i go in finals or not. well, i have my reasons though. dont want to make it public. Tara solo dance for hyuna's change was sooo awesome man. i hope she go in to the semis! if not... i call the judge stupid as hell! so before that, went orchard at 12pm, met enna, ros and mun. then met tara and astrid. practice abit and went to register. the we had PHOTOSHOOT! cool huh? LOL. so we waited for our turn. gosh i was nervous. and don't be shock, we dance is high heels kay xD Enna's heel is like 5 inch man! afterward, while dancing, mun heard the judge said "sexy" LOL it's not even sexy for us xD and the judge said, the audio was the problem (cause enna disc all of a sudden cannot play) and because of our expression. (i didnt smile the whole dance!!! T.T) that's all. luckily. well, let;s just see what happen next.

ate long john and went to marina's mrt. we stayed there do dance and everything. i have the video. well. okay bye. thats all i guess. hmm tomorrow there is school. sooo boring. oh ya, i love beast xD

x-quisite, good job!

Hannafernaldo 한나

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