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Sunday, June 7, 2009
weddinggggg @ 9:25 PM

-No Pic-

Fxck , having a headache now . A very fxcking heavy headache till my eyes watery liao ... Today , woke up around 11.20am . Slept late last night . Watched twilight . Havin a slight fever now , My head like want to explode laio ! Shitt ! Chelsi invite go watch movie tomorrow but cant join since having fever . Fxck sia ...

OKay let me telll you about today . Woke up go bathe . Online for awhile . Chat with Apit . I and him challenge TicTacToe . I almost win but i lose ... Then offline and went to Tempinese . For Dad cousin's wedding . Soo sat at the chair at the wedding . Salam byk org . Then ate . After a while , Abang Afiq came ! After soo long , finally bleyh punn jumper . First , i thought Mat maner jer datang . He found out i pierce earbone and yea , he himself got new pirercing ehh ! He pierce at nose . Then talk to him . After a while , he went to another place . Means , he left the wedding . Then the bride and the groom arrived . Didnt take any pic cause wasnt in the mood . After that , went home with Mak Busu and th rest . Some took taxi while some took bus . Well i took bus . Irfan was with us . Shocked that he , a 4 yr old still cnt speak properly . Then took a straight bus home . Next week have majlis perkahwinan AGAIN ! . Needa goo uhh .

Aaaarrrrgggghhh ! Head pain soo gonna go now . Bye


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