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Sunday, August 16, 2009
Teen Choice Award @ 9:15 PM

Hello people . Second post for the day . Yay … Stuck on the com . There’ll be step up 2 later . Yay , finally I’m watching it . Been craving to watch it but till now , didn’t have the chance . I’m starving . Haven’t eaten my dinner at all . And now , the time is 9 +pm . I’m like fucking bored . Entertain me anyone ? Wait , did I type 9 +pm ? Shit , step up 2 had started already . I’m gonna take some time to type down about today .

Skipped my religious class today . Lazy to go … It’s BORING believe me . But still have to go next week . Since I skipped religious class , I had NOTHING to do so like right now , I’m stuck to the com . Well , I watched Teen Choice Award 2009 :DD And to all Jonas Brothers hater , sorry to disappoint you eh , you can hate them and screw them all you want but in ONE NIGHT they took FIVE awards home . And dang , that’s a lot . So yea , hate them about the Taylor Swift incident and whatever , BUT remember , it wasn’t just Joe fault . Taylor was the one who HANG UP FIRST . Twilight , for the movie category took ELEVEN awards home ! Wow ! Yea that’s A LOT . Miley Cyrus singing/acting category was the first person in the history of Teen Choice Award to take SIX awards home in one night . Yea , she’s starting to grow on me bit by bit again . Britney spears won the most ultimate choice award this year . Yay to her .

Currently hearing Miley Cyrus new song . ADDICTED to it . Kay bye people . Thts all now :D



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