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Monday, December 28, 2009
BoysLikeGirls coming and i'm missing it out ! :( @ 12:55 AM

:'( Read my BLG post below to know how STRESSED OUT i am ...

UPDATED ON THE 11.51pm (THURSDAY , 27 DEC 2009)

Time went by fast . Now , it’s both of your 3rd month already . Congrats congrats congrats . I’m fucking happy for you guys ! Sorry if I’ve been an asshole to you guys aye (: hehe . Lols . Well , it’s HannaJ ! She’s always a jerk ! (: And i thanks both of you for being there through , sad , crazy , happy times (: And , I’ve wish the best for you guys . No matter what , never fear , cause Hanna is here ! Lol . Cm paham … Great , I’m typing shit . Like I say previously , I prayed for you guys to last long long long long long long long long long till I can’t type long . ( that’ll be more than a million ’long’) AMIN :D

Secondly , WELCOME BACK IZATI’KENET ! Dear , I miss you ya know ! Glad that you were able to make it just now ! And thank you so damn fucking much for the shades/souvenir/Christmas present . (I consider it as a Christmas present though . Lols :D ) Words can’t express how thankful I am for this present and having you as awesome girl-f . We’ve been through crazy , sad , happy times together and let the happy moments last . And I’m glad you’re back safely from Australia (: Thank you for EVERYTHING once again .

Thirdly , SEZAIRI WON SG IDOL ! In your face Ajib and Apit ! HAHAHHAHAAHH ! I’m gonna rub it on both of your faces man ! Lols , jk . It’s okay , you just owe some of us kopi uyh ! Not expensive . (: Cheap cheap . But it’s NOT a must . When you have the budget then can . Okay ? Next time JUST AGREE THAT sezairi is better .

Fourthly , BOYS LKE GIRLS IS COMING TO SINGAPORE FOR AN FUCKING ASIA TOUR MAN ! I just found that out today . IMMA JERK ! Okay , I’m a mother fucking BLG fan (stay out hoes) . And the ticket cost $78 . CHEAPEST ! WTF ! 28 jan 2010 is the date ! Yatt MAYBE is going since MAYBE he’s getting a free ticket .. ): Take a lot of picture dude if you go .. Rub it in my face … Take a video to . Say hello to them for me , if possible . Yeah , it’s is ! Just shout across the stadium .(: But that dosent make me feel any better … Urrrggghhh , whenever a day is awesome , there’s ALWAYS something to spoil it . YES PEOPLE ! I’m stressssss out about this concert . I’ve missed the first , now the second ? C’MON ! That’s … That’s STUPID ! MUM , DAD , gimme $78 pleaseeeeeeee . AS IF THEY WANNA GIVE ME .

LASTLY , today , was an EXCITING day . Went to pending lrt to meet up with them all . I’m the first YAY ! Then , Yatt then , Eeqah then ,Apit and lastly Ajib . The time 3pm , extended to 4.30pm ! Apit was like the hardest to contact . I texted him 18 times and 3 missed call . Hahahah ! End up , called his mum . Then can get in contect with that little dude . Went to Yishun North Point , took bus to Sembawang Park there . Slack slack . I and eeqah went to Sembawang Park alone first leaving Yatt , Ajib and Apit behind . They waited for Izati . Then went back too meet them and Waited for Izati’Kenet to come around 7.45pm like that . And went to the Park . SCARYYYY … SPOOOOKYYY . Lol . Not really . I can’t find the place where people goes fishing all the time . Any idea where ?? Walk around , and around 8.45pm like that , took bus to north point then pending . Reaach around 9.25pm . Slack at Mcd at Fajar till about 10.15pm . I was asking and asking to go back to eeqah house to watch Sg idol . At last , manage too . But I and eeqah only . We ran to shop and save cause she needa buy stuff . The que was long . Fuck that lady . Took her own sweet time . We thought it ended at 10.30pm . DUMBO . Lols , run back and WACTH . They advertised about BoysLikeGirls ! OMG ! Soo sad . When sezairi won , I , Izati and Eeqah screamed so loud that the front part of her stereo fall off .. Oooo . Lol . Okay and went home at around 11.10pm . Izati and apit walked while Yatt , Ajib and me took LRT . And now HOME . Thinking if I can be able to go to the freaking concert . Going to bed , thinking about BLG being sad that I may not be going . ONLY a miracle and let me go to their concert . Well , night guys , sleep tight , cause I won’t … As if like my pet cat ran away ! … So expensive . If only I’m working … Night . BLG , this suck not going to you concert .. $78 is such a big amount . Sorry for this long post .
Bye xx
p/s; if miracle happened ):


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