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Wednesday, December 23, 2009
twilight stars have FB ?????? @ 8:05 PM

Lols , this is FUNNY ! Lol'd so hard . The twilight stars have FB !

Was on live with Dennish . He cuss alot , that's why he rocks ;D

Hey all . Okay , today , stayed at home . But today , its my day off so , i stayed home and did nothing . As usual , TV entertain me . On around 10.35pm , balqis called me . But reject cause I WANT TO SLEEP ! Second time she called , i answered .. She told me what school she went for next year . It was Chua Chu Kang Sec . Congrats (: But i wanted to sleep badly so didnt pay much attention . At 11 like that went back to sleep till 2 pm . Today , ate kind of lots of chocolate . What to do , i love chocolate but i can't grow fat .. That sucks . Currently chatting with eeqah .She kept on calling me a whore . THANKS . Guess what ? YOU'RE A BITCH ! Hahahha , :D Okay , i'm done ya'll .

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